It has happened! - Register your drone(s) people of the UK!

The time is almost up for all of those unregistered drones out there in the UK! Well... on the 30th of November new law will be in place for people who own and use small unmanned aerial vehicles that are over 250g, or as we so lovingly called them (cough cough) DRONES. The word drone now tends to invoke some emotional response - what's yours? This new law stipulates that all drones will have to be registered, clearly marked and the operators will have to take a test to make sure they understand and can comply with the Drone Code. I think that 250g is going to be a bit of a sore point for some as this will likely include small racing drones as many will fall into this category. Also, I would imagine that the CAA will charge some kind of fee too, because, you know, it costs them a lot to administer this system. I'm guessing it will be about Β£30 to take the test/register. If it is free, then happy days!

To be fair though, with the amount of chaos that drones have (supposedly) caused in the skies around airports and near misses (like this one) it was about time that a system was in place. A system that lands the responsibility and health and safety of flight on the operator as currently it would be near impossible to tell who was in control of a drone, if something dreadful actually happened. Which, of course has thwarted the police multiple times before in relation to the Gatwick Airport saga for example (however I still maintain that was all a load of over-hyped mega-tripey-bollocks).


So, if you are a sensible UK based drone operator with nothing to hide, like 99.8% of us, be sure to get yourself registered to avoid the ire of the now petulant state. I'll put out another post when the process of registering goes live and more information comes available on the test, which I expect is not going to be too technical. Good luck.

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