Flying about Eastbourne - Some images

πŸ“Έ Camera: DJI Mavic Pro (+ Polar Pro ND Lenses)
🌐 Location: Eastbourne, UK (early 2019)

This is a pure of a 'reminiscing post'. One of my my best stock videos is of the Seven Sisters on the south coast. You might know it for this very famous image. Seen it before? I can't wait to go back to do it again with higher spec drone and get some new video and imagery! I also can't wait to go back to this wild beach as the walks along the cliff are rather breathtaking. In beauty and, 'oh shit, don't look down'. Some of the paths are next to some very precipitous chalk cliffs!

They are called the Seven Sisters because, well, there are seven small peaks here, see them?


Birling Gap. Its there for tourists only (like me).


Check those cliffs out and yes you can walk to that lighthouse, but don't get caught out!


Looking down at the beach. It is great to notice the change in colouration from beach to sea.


This is not a drone picture. This is taken with my 35mm Nikon F . I just love the colours and contrast that come out of that camera. In the foreground is a girl, taking a picture of my buddy surfing in freezing conditions. Some people are just crazy and he wants to do it again this year... I'd chase him with the drone, but the waves are pretty... tame.


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