Let the Curing Begin - An Exceptionally Good Harvest From One Plant


Just to think that this plant managed to survive a 3 day cross country journey, then had to be reestablished into a completely different climate, got planted outside and other than the occasional inspection was pretty much left to its own devices - and yet here we are, at harvest day, and on the doorstep of winter - and this one plant, gave me such an incredible harvest.

Now in my defense, let me just tell you this. I am by no means an expert in cannabis growing nor am I an expert in the field, however I do love the abundance of medicinal properties that this plant has to offer and often grow to make some medicinal extracts for home use - and of course the occasional edible if someone asks me to make. So I wouldn't be able to say that this plant is perfect, all I really know is that it smells really good, has surprisingly big triclomes on the head, it is really sticky and it yielded massive sized heads - and these are all good indications that the end product that this plant will be used to make (which of course is full extract cannabis oil aka feco) will be a good quality product that could be appropriated in many different ways.


I have never been one for a bunch of flowers, but this is certainly a bouquet that I can appreciate.

I harvested all of the branches, pulled out the majority of bigger leaves still in tact on the buds and I have started the curing process. After a few days, these buds would have dried out just enough to be properly trimmed and placed in jars until the point where they will be used for extractions or find a new home if I do get visitors that enjoy cannabis in a more recreational way that is. However it may play out, at the end of the day, I am well stocked up for the next few winter months, and the first of my winter grow is already out growing in the garden.


I couldn't be more impressed by a plant that had flourished under such neglect!

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