My Week In Play 2 Earn On Hive.

It was a good week in the World of Play 2 Earn on the Hive blockchain.

Busy Week For Play 2 Earn (1).jpg

We just finished up our Brawl for the Index-Squad guild in Splinterlands. We are getting better, we finished in 7th place and for a bunch of newbies playing this game that is not bad. I rented a few cards to help out playing the Brawls and that gave me an extra kick in my daily quest for that day also and I managed to finally hit Bronze 2. As a new player it is not easy to move up on leagues unless you buy or rent a bunch of cards so I have been doing both. Hopefully I will be able to keep moving up at a steady rate.

dCrops ended the winter season and started the spring season today. I did pretty good for my tiny amount of cards I have, when card pack become available to by in the game again I will load up on a bunch but for now I will take my little rewards and save up. I think eventually this game will get to be a lot more popular and has huge potential.

I made a post with a video talking about the Rising Star Game yesterday so today there isn't much more happening. I am working hard on lowering my Ego percent and still trying to get more of the seasonal Halloween cards but my luck is not so good with a drop rate of less then one card every ten missions. I will keep at it I still have some time left, hopefully I will be able to get at least one of the animated cards.

It takes consistent effort to grow in gaming and if you do your part everyday you eventually build things out very nice. The plus of putting in this time on Hive games is so you can earn from playing games. I played games for many years and to be able to earn real money while you have some fun playing a game is something I never dreamed would happen.

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