It's Been A Big Week For Hive Play 2 Earn Gaming.

These three Hive based games have all either launched or added now features in the past week or so.

Busy Week For Play 2 Earn.jpg

I would have to say by far the biggest thing to happen was last nights starting of the pre-sale airdrop of VOUCHER in Splinterlands. This is the first stage of the launching of the Chaos Legion card packs that will be coming out in a few months. The VOUCHER give you tokens that work as credits to be able to purchase card packs in the pre-sale. It's going to be an interesting month watching what happens with the price of VOUCHER and SPS while this airdrop is going on.

Rising Star started a new seasonal special mission for Halloween and 3 new cards and 3 new animated cards to go for. To be able to do the Halloween special mission you first need to find a S24 Scary Mary card. Once you find Scary Mary you will find the two instruments, that are randomly dropped, S25 Drop Dead Drums and S26 No Face Base. In order to get the animated cards you need multiples of each card and combine them. I did manage to find a Scary Mary card and so far have found two Drop Dead Drums.

dCrops is a fairly new game that is growing in popularity and adding new features as they go. This past week they added Quests to the game where you have several tasks to do to complete for some rewards. This farming game is pretty simple for the most part and it's looking like it will have a lot of potential for income. I haven't gone fully in on this game but I picked up a few of the pre-launch card packs in the beginning and have made my investment back from the little I am able to do in the game so things are looking pretty good over all.

Things are happening in gaming and this is a great time to be in so let's all have some fun while we earn some crypto.

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