Work in Progress - Update on my Trinity Mixed Media Canvas Art

About three months ago I started a new project. It is a large canvas art that represents the triple Goddess and incorporate other pagan symbols that are very close to my heart. This project will take a while, because I really love to take my time on working on large pieces like this one.

For those of you who didn't read the initial post, here it is: Trinity Canvas Art Project

And here is how I got started, with the help or, better saying "un-kelp" of my British short hair. She really got nuts with all those strings and cords!


At this point in time, I work at the bottom of the canvas. My intention is to make a bed of flowers and grass and leaves, to suggest the connection with nature.

tri9 (1).jpeg

I previously made some aluminum flowers from some coffee pods that I recycle (of course, that's my mission). I will write another post to show everybody how you can do that.

So, I glued 8 flowers on each side. After that, I cut some leaves and flowers from a plastic bouquet I bought from the dollar store. I glued them on the canvas using hot glue gun.

tri9 (2).jpeg

This weekend I am planning to cover all my elements on the canvas with a thick layer of gesso, maybe two layers... let's see how well it sticks to the plastic flowers. I will do that because gesso prepares the surfaces to get painted. So I will paint over!

My whole vision is BLUE, so you will be shocked to see the final result, I promise you!

Nothing like what you see now, so stay tuned!


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