My first animated NFT and a little advice on how to get started

Hello lovely community!
So I finally got my first animation up. I can’t seem to embed the gif or the mp4 into my post. If anyone knows how to do this please Help. Merci :D

Meanwhile here is a peak on youtube and the best is to see it on Foundation:

As a sequel to my last post, I promised I would give you Hive artists some tips on how to get started. @steemmillionaire and @kryptik.tigrrr3d hwere interested...So in this first blog I will give you tips on getting set up.

The piece of advice I received that made the most sense was to diversify. This means use a few platforms and accept a few currencies.

As most of you know there are tons of both. For crypto, my advice is: keep to reliable currencies. I just heard a story of an artist who sold for 100.000$ worth of an obscure currency and when he went to cash out he couldn’t find buyers for his crypto.

Personally I swapped all my STEEM for Ethereum (since i migrated here and don't use it anymore) and I kept my Hive in my local wallet here on PeakD.
I created an account in Binance and swapped my STEEM there.

These are the most important things to note when getting STEEM or HIVE on to Binance:

• when you send hive or steem to Binance (or any other swapping platform) be careful to use the right recipient address and memo. Eg: when you go on Binance look for funds, find hive and click on "deposit". It will then show you the address and memo you have to use to send hive from your hive wallet. For steem it's the same except you use steem as currency. Don’t mix up the two they have different addresses.
• On binance then you can sell it to usdt and then you can buy ETH. With Steem you can trade directly to ETH
• make sure you send steem to a steem wallet and hive to a hive wallet. if you mix it up it's lost
• sell your HBD for hive directly in the hive wallet not on Binance

To connect your newly swapped crypto to the blockchain you will need Metamask. Watch their tutorials and download the app:

Once that is set up you can join a platform. Some are open to everyone. Some need invitations.
I joined opensea because you only pay for minting your first two NFT’s and then it is free. I am therefore going to mint all the still images of my paintings and add them here in collections of 12.
I actually put the wrong price and have not been able to reduce it. It might be because it is part of a series. Anyways people can always make a bid.

All platforms I am aware of, have gasfees when the NT sells. Be ready to spend a few hundred $ in crypto to mint and list.

I was invited to Foundation which is more prestigious but costs to mint and list each NFT. Because of this, I am making one-of-a-kind animations of my paintings, which will of course be pricier than the still images which are part of a series.

So there you go! My best advice is to watch lots of tutorials. Ask the right questions and harvest your new collection of NFT’s!

I will talk about animation in my next blog. Hopefully i will be able toembed a copy of the animation into the blog! open to all tips.

Much love to all.

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