Hello, everyone. My Introduction to the Hive Community 🤩

In this article, I will explain who I am and where I am from, how I discovered HIVE, what sorts of material I want to see here & what types I want to contribute, and what my expectations are for this platform.

A huge appreciation to Dio Hasbi Saniskoro for this amazing picture!

Following my first post, I promised the @OCD team's @macchiata that I would write an introduction post. An introduction post will let HIVErs to get to know me and understand what I hope to accomplish on HIVE.


You can call me RQR4. Maybe this name will inspire me to create work after the pandemic. I will tell a story about this name. This name is a symbol of my introduction to the crypto world. Since last year, COVID-19 has made many people confined to their homes. I am also one of those people who feel the condition of being unable to do activities outside the home.

I come from Indonesia, where this country has beautiful natural gifts. You know how it feels when there is so much beautiful natural scenery out there, but you are just confined to your home. Being cooped up at home isn't fun, so I spend a lot of time in front of the computer to avoid boredom.

I began to recognize what is called crypto. For a layman like me, crypto means mining using a computer graphics card. Then what about me, who does not have a graphics card device?
Of course, the desire to participate in mining crypto appeared at a time when there was a lot of news about the very expensive price of bitcoin. And I found an NFT game called "Alienworlds." This alienworlds game made me create a WAX crypto account. And that's how I got the WAX wallet address, which is .rqr4.wam

Thanks to Eric Mclean for this amazing picture!

My adventure in the game of the alienworlds begins. I, who am a game lover, coupled with the COVID-19 condition, made me spend a lot of time on this game. In an alienworlds, I do mining on planets. I continued to do this routine until I collected some TLM coins which I exchanged for WAX coins. However, it feels like if I only mined planets, I would feel no challenge. The battle feature will indeed appear in the alienworlds, but the schedule is not yet certain. So I then searched for what card game could give me a great adventure.

From alienworlds, then I connected to the NFT market which has a Splinterlands card in it. I am interested in trying one battle. It turns out that this game requires a strategy other than the fun of collecting cards. I think I'm addicted. And I began purchasing spellbooks with the WAX crypto money I earned from playing alienworlds.

It turns out when buying Splinterlands Spellbook, that person indirectly created a HIVE account. I made a purchase of a spellbook in April 2021. I am a HIVErs but don't know about it. I enjoy playing Splinterlands. Collecting cards Unknowingly, I have a HIVE account where I can get many more exciting experiences.

After I spent four months playing Splinterlands. One day, I entered a blog that gave me knowledge about the world of HIVE and a passion for writing. Not only writing but also creating some unique posts. I started trying to write an article on the HIVE about Splinterlands. Then followed by my other posts which can be read on my blog at this link.


Entering the HIVE world is as exciting as playing Splinterlands. Even more exciting because I can get to know various other activities through the community. Since starting to get to know HIVE blogs, I have joined several communities that became a place to develop my interests besides playing games. I'm not a big gamer. In addition to my activities, I also carry out various activities according to the community where I join. Currently, there are several communities, namely art, herbal knowledge, drawing, and others. There are many other communities that I will explore in this HIVE government.


After my first post, there have been several more posts that I have published on my blog. You can see it at this link. I have been practicing my drawing skills so I can be more active in my community.
By joining the community, I get various forms of support from other HIVE users. I feel very happy when I publish original work, then get a lot of support from others.


While active in HIVE blog activities, what I get is very diverse. From knowledge to entertainment. I can enjoy other HIVEr experiences from various places in the world. The main thing I want to follow right now is a post about strategies for playing the game Splinterlands, which introduced me to HIVE. Then content about how to hone my skills in making drawings and illustrations. In addition, I am also happy to share knowledge about natural medicines from plants in Indonesia. as well as other original content from you.


By joining several communities at this time, I plan to contribute to each community that I enter. Therefore, I created some content to provide many benefits for the readers. My goal is to increase my HIVE power. By default, the rewards I receive at the start of the article are 50 percent HIVE Power and 50 percent HBD. But now that I know that having a high HP allows me to help my community, I hope so. HIVE Power helps me to appreciate the work of other unique content creators. That's why all my gifts are set to 100% HIVE Power now. And I hope that everyone can help me by voting on each of my works.

A huge appreciation to Pixabay for this picture!

I intend to write a post every three days while continuing to upvote other authors who provide unique content. And, of course, keep playing Splinterlands to increase my level in this game.

I hope that more HIVE users will be able to experience and have fun like this. Splinterlands is probably a phenomenon where this game can attract many people to know their HIVEs. Hopefully, there will be many more applications connected to the HIVE blockchain in the future. I still have a lot to learn about the HIVE blockchain, namely about delegates, witnesses, and others. I hope I can understand everything in the future.

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Talk about Splinterlands. If you haven't tried out this fantastic game called Splinterlands yet, I invite you to Join. It's free, but you'll need to invest in a beginning deck or buy gaming cards to gain real assets like cards and tokens.

🌟I just hope you like my post enough to upvote, comment, and share it.🌟
Greetings, and I adore you.

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