When you are reborn again

I always had a thing for black and white photography. I remember being a kid and looking through the old albums of my grandmother. So many pictures, only monochrome. I loved the texture, the smell, the way people, places and moments had a certain magic which only black and white can illustrate. I was in love with photography since I was small and I didn't even knew it.


I looked at this very interesting Ted talk with Sebastiao Salgado, a well known photographer. He studied economics and one day he decided that he's going to abandon his career as an economist and be a photographer. I liked his determination, his drive to follow his passion! He had the luck of also finding and keeping the woman of his dreams and got married. I always admire when a successful man admits the powerful influence of his woman in his life.

The kind of photography Sebastiao Salgado made is not easy. I was moved by his confession of his traumatic time in Rwanda. I recommend you watching his talk here to understand more

Basically watching death in the eyes while you take a picture is brutal. Starvation, poverty, malnutrition.... He was severely depressed after this. He came back ill, he didn't want to do photography anymore. I can't imagine how it must be for all photojournalists out there to witness traumatic events and still be mentally sane. Watching how humans can be cruel to other humans, watching a child dying of hunger.... It is heartbreaking. But photographers do play a massive role in revealing these harsh realities to us. The price they pay.... It's not measurable and understandable.

With the help of his wife and through the power of his own will, he managed to overcome trauma and reignite his love for photography. His works for Genesis, photographing nature, animals, tribes, came right after this traumatising period of his life. This shows the power of the right partner, the power of the right profession, the innate desire of the human mind to achieve greatness.

Sometimes, from out worst moments in life, come our biggest rewards. It is deeply powerful to go through depression and wonder "why live anymore?". I have been through it years ago and I must tell you that depresssion should not be judged. Only those who went down in the darkest corners and managed to get out sane can understand what I am saying now. I am always happy when I hear successful stories of people who overcome severe depression and came out stronger, I can personally relate to their trauma.

Pain, suffering, hardships can only make us stronger. Too many people use their past as an excuse to lose courage to try again. I believe that the human spirit is a warrior in its nature. And a powerful dream will always pull you out from the darkest corners, I am so sure of that! I am a living proof of that!

Have a spectacular day and toodle loo!

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