When AI will replace you

I was reading the other day an article about the day when journalists will no longer be needed and Artificial Intelligence will take upon the task to write articles, combining algorythms and producing content. I stood in silence, pondering a little.... And started to make imagination exercises.

You see, a human could not compete with a machine on a technical level. A journalist can't write 24 hours per day, it would be impossible. Not for his mind as for his body. I believe that the capacity of our brain is infinite, only that we fail to use it as its maximum level. That is why I find it funny to implant a technical device, which has limitations, into a complex work of divine mastery like our brain. Of course, if some people decide that they are happy with using limited parts of their brain and want technology to take over because thinking on their own is too much trouble then they should have that freedom. They will suffer the consequences and maybe it is not such a bad thing for those who can't learn discipline, self control and other behavioral qualities on their own. A machine might actually come in handy in those unfortunate cases of lazy thinkers. If thinkers at all.


On the other hand, I wonder: who will curate that information? Set it apart, bad from good, false from true? How will it engage with the audience from an emotional perspective? Could AI write something that could touch your heart, could emotion be taught to a machine? In the light of these questions I believe that we humans are superior. If used right, emotions are the most powerful catalyst of action. Learning through imitation only works until a certain point is reached, just like children learn from their parents. From then on, they develop a behaviour of their own. AI is only a machinery created by the biggest machinery ever built: the human mind.

AI will grow as a concept and it will replace people in their jobs. I think it is wrong to believe that the role of AI would be to help people stop thinking. That is a dangerous path to take on. But in certain cases, it can become an asset.

Do an imagination exercise for me. Today AI replaced you in your job. For good. You are no longer needed to work your daily grind. Ever. We advanced enough to let AI make all the automatic processes. Now you sit still and free. What do you next?

Think.Use that brain. Think... What do YOU do?

Have a marvelous day and toodle loo!

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