Quantum Kush [A Closer Look]


Here is a closer look at some Black Market Quantum Kush. This Kush is phenomenal if I do say so my self.

It is not very often I set a bowl down mid-way through the event, but with this Kush I didn't need to toke the whole thing up all at once. After all I was feeling the buzz after just a couple of hits.

I like to present my warez in a way that I find may deliver the satisfaction to the reader, as this cannabis has done for me. The smell was well just short of hash, you know that hashie smell, that smell you get from the pollen in your grinder.

The looks of the grass was pretty as well. So pretty I think I'll share a bit of my recent photo shoots with this princess beauty.


The lighting was not the best but it did not matter. These nugs were dressed for show no matter what lighting was to be had. Look at the powdery goodness just laden on those morsels.


Let me take you on a ride to the depths of the cannabis world. What is it that makes us so happy to enjoy all the goodness that cannabis offers? You will surely see...


I really like getting up close and personal with my nugs, it really brings me wonders looking into the structures that invoke such relaxing feelings. It truly is another world under the macro lens.

Here are some more shots really getting in there...


So how does it smoke? It is gaseous, hasheous, smooth and wonderful. The buzz, like previously mentioned, is almost an instantaneous feeling post first toke. I don't consider myself an amateur smoker by any means so this is saying something.

Here is how Quantum Kush grinds up in your mill...


Pretty right?

As you can see the Smoke.io logos here and there in this post, I am very active on the Smoke.io platform as @RelayLogix. I recently have been persuaded to contribute to the Weedcash.Network. This post is more of a feeler to see if my content has a place on this here network. If you'd like to see more of my previously posted content on the smoke network (800+ posts), Relay's Smoke Blog

Look forward to your comments, Relay

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