Other Niche Communities Curation Report #271

OCD's support is expanding!

Hello everyone! This is the 271st compilation post of OCD's latest curation efforts. It has been known that OCD has been supporting leading niche communities under its Community Incubation Program. However, there are still a lot of other niche communities not supported by OCD. This curation initiative will help in supporting those communities.

This newest curation effort aims to encourage authors to post in appropriate communities even if those communities are not under the incubation program. This will also encourage users to explore more into the different communities in Hive.

How this Works

OCD curators and community leaders will find posts from other niche communities and recommend them for an upvote. Unlike those communities in the incubation program where curation is focused, this curation initiative is spread out. This will help find undervalued posts from smaller communities that deserve support.

This will highlight both the author and the community where the post is located. This way, smaller niche communities can focus on growing their subscribers and increasing the engagements within their respective communities. A small boost goes a long way.

Speaking of boost, here are the curated posts for this batch:

Curated Posts

Author: @chaodietas
Community: Amazing Nature

I found a treasure: Pink Banana (Musa velutina) [ENG/ESP]

Once or twice a week, I try to go for walks in the woods near my house. I always find wonderful things on each walk. I think it is a matter of having a keen eye to detect those sublime elements that are part of nature. The lived experience and the photographs allow you to treasure these elements without damaging the environment in that eagerness to appropriate something so beautiful.

Curator: @josuemonterola

Author: @ambar1825
Community: Catarsis

Una pregunta que no se responder/A question that I can't answer

In this last year I have been trying to memorize the quickest and least complicated answer that does not require a deep explanation. But no matter how hard I try, I always close, I block and I end up messing everything up. I guess it's the fact that I never imagine being on the other side of history.

Curator: @josuemonterola

Author: @boycharlieplays
Community: BEER

Munich Haus BEER Tester #1 - BEER Community Report

What's good everybody, it's your boy, Charlie! Today I am reporting on the illustrious #BEER token. @boycharlieplays Hive Content Creation creates blog reports on the Hive blockchain to earn a plethora of different second layer tokens to sustain the business. Along with these Hive-Engine tokens, the BEER token is one of the most fun to collect as it is incorporated into @dcitygame and can be reported on in the @beersat community. The @boycharliefamily account stakes well over 25+ BEER tokens and can reward up to .10 BEER to other creators by commenting "!BEER". To increase BEER production I am deciding to report on #BEER that I taste with my friends and family.

Curator: @macchiata

Author: @phoenixwren
Community: StreetArt

I Love Decorated Electrical Boxes (CCC's Street Art Contest #63 Entry)

I really actually like how they put the man among a nature scene in the heart of our city, a very un-nature-y place. Colfax is the main arterial road in Denver, and is just such a prime example of paved over everything. It is also probably the best place to find street art. :) I don't know if that is someone specific or not, but I like the painting regardless.

Curator: @sirenahippie

Author: @kemmyb
Community: CineTV

Spooky!! Review Of The Exorcist (1973)

The Exorcist is a two hour American horror/supernatural film released in 1973 that would scare the living daylights out of anyone (no matter how brave you are) who watches it. I understand that this film was banned in some parts of the US because it "supposedly provoked fainting, vomiting and heart attacks in cinemas."

Curator: @elizabeths14

Author: @florian-glechner
Community: PhotoFeed

Marmots fighting in the mountains

One of the most interesting and funny animals that can be found at the Grossglockner are the Marmots and I am happy to visit them every year at least once. Last year in summer I really had a lot of luck taking hundreds of pictures of them fighting, eating, sleeping and relaxing. But I think the fighting pictures where the most interesting ones. Since they are the only ones with a little bit of ation in it. In the morning I also had a lot of luck with the light. The sun was already very high up in the sky but there where some clouds, so I had the luck with this perfect light situation.

Curator: @crazy-andy

Author: @jauregui98
Community: Writing Club

Please, give me back my pet | Writings of an Unbalanced Mind LIX

Today was a completely normal day until during dinner time we started to watch the evening news and while the news was on there was a horrible moment where an eight-year-old boy was giving a speech, we all got a rush and I was on the verge of crying just imagining what he was going through.

Curator: @victoriabsb

Author: @mafalda2018
Community: Catarsis

Catarsis bajo la lluvia | Mi espacio íntimo [ESP-ENG]

Someone said one day that nature is all of us, and this is true. That is why it is paramount to look within ourselves and the environment, and ask ourselves: are we doing it right? Are we acting in the right way? If not, we have to rectify it because we have the responsibility to love each other, to be happy, to preserve the environment, to protect animals and to support each other. Only in this way can we together improve the conditions of the planet.

Curator: @victoriabsb

Author: @jakim7
Community: Full Deportes

[ Esp - Eng ] Semana 7️⃣ | Reseña partido del Domingo por la noche | Indianapolis Colts Vs San Francisco 49ers 🏈 Week 7️⃣ | Sunday Night Game Review | Indianapolis Colts Vs San Francisco 49ers by @jakim7

Greetings dear readers, today we bring you to the feed of @fulldeportes the match between Indianapolis Colts Vs San Francisco 49ers corresponding to week 7 of the regular season, this match took place on Sunday, October 24 in prime time, at Levi's Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers, we could see the duel between these teams through the signal of ESPN for Latin America. San Francisco 49ers, we were able to watch the duel of these teams through the ESPN signal for Latin America. We take this opportunity to let you know the most relevant news of week 6, among them we have that the quarterback of Tampa Bay, Tom Brady continues to set NFL records every week, in week 6 he became the first quarterback in history to throw 600 touchdown passes. This record was achieved against the Chicago Bears, whom Tampa Bay beat 38 to 3, and where Brady threw 4 touchdown passes. We would like to point out that Tom Brady had to pay USD 1000 to the fan to whom Mike Evans (wide receiver) gave the ball as a souvenir after the historic touchdown.

Curator: @elizabeths14

Author: @marianomariano
Community: Feathered Friends

European penduline tit, little bird, great builder

This small, beautiful bird has an ashen-colored head, with a black stripe crossing the eye, looking like a Zorro mask. The back is chestnut in color.

Curator: @crazy-andy

This concludes this batch's curation report. We would like to congratulate those who are featured and supported. Keep up the good work and continue to explore Hive Communities.

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