Other Niche Communities Curation Report #267

OCD's support is expanding!

Hello everyone! This is the 267th compilation post of OCD's latest curation efforts. It has been known that OCD has been supporting leading niche communities under its Community Incubation Program. However, there are still a lot of other niche communities not supported by OCD. This curation initiative will help in supporting those communities.

This newest curation effort aims to encourage authors to post in appropriate communities even if those communities are not under the incubation program. This will also encourage users to explore more into the different communities in Hive.

How this Works

OCD curators and community leaders will find posts from other niche communities and recommend them for an upvote. Unlike those communities in the incubation program where curation is focused, this curation initiative is spread out. This will help find undervalued posts from smaller communities that deserve support.

This will highlight both the author and the community where the post is located. This way, smaller niche communities can focus on growing their subscribers and increasing the engagements within their respective communities. A small boost goes a long way.

Speaking of boost, here are the curated posts for this batch:

Curated Posts

Author: @lynnnguyen
Community: ecoTrain

I'm grateful that my eyes could see this beautiful world!

Everyone has a list of things to be grateful for. Some are easy to name, while others are difficult to find. If I had to choose one thing that I am most grateful for, it would be the opportunity to see this world. Without my sight, I would not be able to see any of this and experience what it is like.

Curator: @glecerioberto

Author: @mrnightmare89

Japanese (A children's game)

Even today that I can't play what the children used to play these days I'm still in awe of how those types of games were named and being played. All of them gave me so much fun when I was just a little one and not being curious about it. What's important is the fun experienced with my friends and other children. The best thing to do is to ignore how it was created and just focus on how it is to be played.

Curator: @glecerioberto

Author: @joanstewart
Community: Wednesday Walk

Rain Dance Spring Flowers

After rain nature sings, flowers cheer up small bushes or tall stems a journey through with me enjoy what I can see around me at the moment.

Down in southern hemisphere serenading the middle of Spring, let me introduce you to some of these wonderful things called plants and goggas (South African for creepy crawly insects).

Curator: @glecerioberto

Author: @steemflow
Community: Feel Good

Tiny Water Droplets and Plant Leaves.

I woke up yesterday morning, with overnight rain making everything wet and watery. I feel the cool breeze passing my head. And along comes some shiny beauty of crystal ball on my terrace plants. The tiny droplets of water making it shine even in the overcast morning.

Curator: @glecerioberto

Author: @norelysgp
Community: MakeUp Power

Esp-Ing: 🕸🕷Intento de maquillaje 🕸🕷👻de Halloween 🎃 // 🕸🕷👻Halloween make-up attempt 🎃

I share this makeup with you about the next Halloween date 🎃 although I confess that it is not my strong suit, I almost never wear makeup because of the heat or maybe I already lost my enthusiasm 🤔 so I apologize for the mistakes made.

Curator: @pavanjr

Author: @gooze
Community: Sketchbook

The swimsuit swordsgirl - Original artwork [INK]

This swordswoman dresses in a sexy way to try to distract her opponents and make her fights easier, but this does not mean that she is not a great fighter, she has incredible control of her body, being able to use her feet to balance in the point of a small knife that she also uses to attack her enemies in a surprising way, her skill with the sword is incredible and her body is a witness by not having a single scar as a result of a fight.

Curator: @pavanjr

Author: @steemmatt
Community: ecoTrain

5 More Curb-Salvaged Items Saved & Sold For $437 Revenue (21.5 Pounds Saved)

I also saw a Miele vacuum at a thrift store last night before they closed and texted the manager to ask him to not have it sent to the warehouse for me. I haven't texted him in many years, but needed to pull this card since he was working in the AM and could stop the item from being put on the box truck. Thankfully his number was the same and he agreed to help. I bought it for $11 today and it'll move quick. It's the same exact model and color I sold from the curbs down below for $175 cash, but this one is in far better condition.

Curator: @livinguktaiwan

Author: @suzn.poudel
Community: Amazing Nature

20,000 Lake: Inside the Wild Forest.

Its been years I hadn't been to the National Park that lies nearby my community. There used to be so much opportunity with all the travel plans, to roam and be around the forest. While the Covid halted all these chances to be around the expeditions. Chitwan National Park is home to one-horn rhino, Bengal tiger, antlers, gharials, will elephants, giant pied hornbill, etc.

Curator: @anggreklestari

Author: @borjan
Community: Amazing Nature


Usually, when I'm outdoors in the summer, I spend most of my summer days in the sea. Swimming and snorkeling, or just lazily floating, with the eyes glued to the deep blue sky above me. But this summer ...

Curator: @anggreklestari

Author: @straykat

Our Experience Sending Beauty Products Abroad

One that is kind of tricky to send abroad are beauty products. Most international couriers do not allow it but I still tried my luck and sent a message on one of the popular couriers here in my country. Few minutes later, I got a reply where they said it is allowed as long as we could provide the information and some documents that may be needed.

Curator: @anggreklestari

This concludes this batch's curation report. We would like to congratulate those who are featured and supported. Keep up the good work and continue to explore Hive Communities.

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