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NFT #69

Hi all,

A few days ago, @rishi556 and I(@cadawg) decided we needed to do something for April Fools. Based on that sentance you might expect this all to dissapear tomorrow - that won't be the case though.

We came up with an idea for a piece of software art, where just from an ID you can generate a unique piece of artwork, without human intervention. This took the form of the famous Conway's Game of Life - where each tile is generated from the ID of the card you bought.

How do I get some?

Head over to NFTMart and either purchase one that is already for sale, or to have a go at a new one, click the Buy NFTs button (after logging in) - this will allow you to mint the next patterns in the series for 0.5 Hive (a sum we thought would be a low barrier of entry for a little bit of fun in an amusing piece of artwork) - you can buy up to 15 in one transaction.

How do I view them

As soon as you buy them they will be visible in your NFTMart Inventory as GIFs (They may take a little while to load if it's the first time anyone has loaded the GIF) - If you want to see it in all it's glory though, you should visit and enter the ID of the card to see it in a canvas where you can mess with the frames per second, pause it and save individual frames and play around with your new piece of art.

I can haz gif?

Sure - if you go to and enter the ID, it'll give you a link to the GIF for your piece of art. If you don't want to use the site you can always fill it in as follows


Where ID is the numeric ID of your NFT. or you can use if you don't want us to show it as an embed in discord (like above)

We hope you find this idea fun and enjoyable.
P.S. Devs we left a guide on how to replicate it yourselves using your own code below

The lowdown (how to replicate for devs):

So firstly, to decide the initial state, sha512 hash the id of the card that we were given and use the first 484 bits to determine which pixels are on and which are off (1 = on, 0 = off), to determine the color of each pixel, hash the following x,y-id where x is the x coordinate, y is the y coordinate and id is the numeric issue ID of the NFT. Using this and the standard rules from the game of life you should be able to fully replicate our results.

or you could just grab the Source Code from Here

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