A crypto farm where NFTs represent real products from real farms. Farming Tales NFTs represent the tools that, every day, accompany the farmers in their hard work. By putting these tools together it is possible to generate new NFTs that are linked to real goods and products from our farms. Ownership of these NFTs therefore guarantees ownership of these products.

Why buy a digital land if you can have a real one? On Farming Tales you can decide whether to be an owner or a farmer!

  • Owners hold through the possession of specific NFTs some real assets of our farms, such as hives, land or grow boxes... These assets provide a basic production of real products (ex. Hive: honey), and other users can stake their assets (ex. bees: beehive) in it to start their production; the owner of the asset receives a percentage of the production of other users.
  • Farmers can stake their assets such as bees, saffron bulbs or hemp seeds within the assets owned by the owners, paying them a percentage set in advance on production.

At the end of each real season (ex. Summer for honey, autumn for saffron), the real products are harvested on our farms and each of you will be entitled to your share. At this point you can decide whether to have the product sent to your home, or whether to delegate the sale to us by collecting the receiving equal value in wax (or other crypto).

To become an owner it is necessary to complete the collection of farmer's tools; collections are different for each type of asset (ex. Beekeeper collection: hives). Each collection consists of 10 elements, divided as follows:

  • Main object, which can be purchased individually on the market: in the case of the beekeeper's collection is the bee.
  • Collectibles, which can be found in Seasonal Packs and traded on the secondary market. Available in limited numbers.
  • Final item, which is generated based on the actual availability of assets on the farm, and sold through auction on AtomicHub.

By blending these objects it is possible to create an NFT land that is connected to a real asset of our farms, of which you become the owner.

To become a farmer it is sufficient to hold one of the assets considered "main objects", and stake them within the assets of the owners.

Lands and assets

  1. Lands and assets of Farming Tales have no expiration date, and remain the property of their owner until the end of the project.
  2. The only objects to be considered "annual" are main objects, which will be remodeled from year to year according to the real availability of the farms.
  3. Products obtained thanks to your assets are your property, and any shipping costs for their shipment are borne by the owner of the specific asset.
  4. In case you decide to delegate Farming Tales to the sale of your products, Farming Tales is committed to selling at the best possible market price.
  5. In the event that you decide to delegate Farming Tales to the sale of your products, the cryptocurrency value will be paid to you immediately after the sale of the product, which you can agree with the team.

Let's officially start the Farming Tales project! Here are the links of the first promotional drops of this new adventure... Which will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday next week!

This drops are for promotional value only, and represent the "crops" that will actually be available at the start of the first season of Farming Tales.

But... At the beginning of Season One, 10 owners of these NFT (10 for honey, 10 for saffron, 10 for hemp) will be randomly drawn, winning the following prizes:

  • 1st. Real Land (1 for honey, 1 for saffron, 1 for hemp);
  • 2nd. 3x items from the Beekeeper Collection (or 3x saffron, or 3x hemp);
  • 3rd. 2x items from the Beekeeper Collection (or 2x saffron, or 2x hemp);
  • 4th-10th. 1x element of the Beekeeper Collection (or 1x saffron, or 1x hemp).


JUNE 2021:

  • Promo Lands sale;

JULY 2021:

  • Promo lottery draw;
  • Honey Season & Honey Lands game;

AUGUST 2021:

  • Saffron Season & Saffron Lands game;
  • Soil preparation;
  • Beginning saffron bulbs staking;
  • Beginning of construction of customized hives;


  • Hemp Season & Hemp Lands game;
  • Grow boxes preparation;
  • Beginning seeds stake;


  • Saffron harvest;
  • Saffron processing;


  • Sale of saffron on real markets;
  • Hemp harvesting and processing;
  • Sale and shipment of hemp;


  • Delivery and installation of customized hives;
  • Sale and shipment of saffron;


  • Start of the hives;

JUNE 2022:

  • Collection, shipment and sale of honey.

As these are real products, please keep in mind that this road map is subject to changes beyond our control.

We decided to use the Hive blockchain, for the official sharing of our content in the first place

We are waiting for you, a greeting from the Farming Tales team.


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