My first NFT on NFTShowroom!

Good Afternoon Community

I am really happy to announce that after being whitelisted on NFTShowroom I have finally tokenized A piece of work and I now have an NFT on the blockchain.

windows how to paste from clipboard - Google Search - Brave 21_10_2021 14_34_37 (2).png

I didn't find the process that difficult and I actually quite enjoyed the process of making my first NFT and don't worry this is the first of many to come :).

You can find my gallery here

Lastly, I want to invite you all to come and join the Dreemport server and come and tune in to this weeks PYPT Show here Because of the amazing people here I have made my NFT and actually because of the amazing people over there I have grown on Hive all together.

This wraps up my short post today, thank you for reading if you have any thoughts or advice do comment below.


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