Inflation SHOCKS Global Economy! - Gold & Silver SET TO SKYROCKET!

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Josh Sigurdson talks with Ralph Shearing, CEO and Founder of Altaley Mining Corporation about the significant problem we all face with inflation as the Fed hides behind the claim of "transitory inflation" after facing economic backlash from printing 25% of all currency ever printed just last year.
With inflation and a massive supply chain crunch, crisis tends to lead to solutions. Gold and silver are some of the few safe havens from inflation historically and Ralph believes precious metals can withstand a crisis and perhaps benefit greatly from them.
In this video, we break down the latest news on inflation, the massive moves we see in the previous metals space, why one may contemplate investing in mining companies rather than gold and silver itself which is more of a wealth insurance as well as a breakdown of Ralph's company, Altaley and why people should consider getting into the potential opportunities it provides.

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