BREAKING: Protesters ATTACKED In Italy! - Port Of Trieste STILL CLOSED As Workers REFUSE JAB!

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the most recent news out of Trieste, Italy as dock workers are attacked by police for protesting against the tyrannical jab mandate that forces workers both private and public to get a jab to enter the workplace.
Around 40% of dock workers are not jabbed and the supply chain in Italy has rushed to a halt as ports have been shut in protest. Other ports are also joining in the protest.
Initially, after our previous report, it appeared as though the dock workers had given up. But they continue to hit the streets and were forced out of the port into the main piazza in Trieste where they continued to protest in huge numbers. They were then told they could meet with a government official. However, they refuse to stand down by taking tests instead. They are adamant that the green pass must be eliminated or the ports shall remain closed.
One has to also be concerned however that the government has plans up their sleeves for the ports as the supply chain crunch has appeared to be a controlled demolition worldwide to create desperation and allow the government to come in with even worse mandates. The problem is, you can't do nothing. You must do something. It seems like the state has preparations for protests or lack thereof regardless of the damage it rightly does to the system.
We will continue to cover this closely.

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