The unvaccinated have become a minority, but there IS good news!

Official sources claim many Western countries have now injected more than half their population with a Covid-19 shot. Given my medical background and extensive research on this topic, my personal belief is that this is very bad news. I've summarized how I see the situation below.

The Bad News

Kinda makes you feel outnumbered, right?

But one thing I noticed at a recent freedom rally, put on by some nurses against mandatory injections and passports, is that a good portion of the protesters I spoke with were VACCINATED! I go to these kind of events all the time, and there is typically nobody at all who is vaccinated - none. It's not that they aren't welcome, it's just for whatever reason, they don't join us. But last week, when the vaccine passports were announced, Canadians woke up and took to the streets. What a positive, peaceful, and powerful moment that was! If you haven't seen it, my footage can be found here. Thousands of strangers, united against tyranny, with the common goal of Liberty. I cried!

So there's good news. Just because people took the initial 2 shots doesn't mean they'll take 3, 4, 5, etc. And anyone with any understanding of history knows forced digital identification cards/chips for every citizen is just wrong. It doesn't matter what kind of bugs are circulating out there, total technocatic slavery is not a solution. And the majority of people know that! Not just here in Canada, but all over the affected parts of the planet.

The Good News

So don't be too discouraged by the conspirators, the drones, the statists, or the elites themselves. Those of us who know what's going on here, and know who our enemy is, are growing in numbers. We're already the majority, and momentum is on our side.

PS: The Canadian Frontline Nurses are doing it again! This Monday (Sept 13), the day vaccine passports go into effect, we are rallying in major cities across the country!

It's certainly nowhere near over, but be encouraged - we CAN win this. Which is really good, because we have to. Let's do it!


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