Sport legend Hank Aaron receives Covid Vaccine to show how safe it is

The "home run king" of baseball, known worldwide as one of the greatest of all time, has publicly taken Moderna's Covid-19 vaccination to prove - especially to other black people - there's nothing to be concerned about.

Aaron, a strong and healthy senior, said "I feel quite proud of myself for doing... a small thing that can help zillions of people".

Associated Press reports 40% of black people plan to refuse the vaccine, due to mistrust of big pharmaceutical corporations. Aaron hopes his endorsement changes that.

CNN reported in December that bad information about the vaccines "causes death". Yesterday, they revealed the pandemic (and associated lockdowns) are being aggravated by this disinformation. Its peddlers "will sensationalize anything that happens after someone gets a vaccine and attribute it to the vaccine," for example, claiming that sudden deaths after receiving the vaccine are related. CNN correctly points out that people die ALL THE TIME, and blaming deaths on something like a recent vaccination is something only a paranoid conspiracy theorist would do.

According to the media, getting a handle on fake news (and proving to the public the vaccine is safe) is priority #1.

Hank Aaron agrees, and earlier this month, rolled up his sleeve to help.

( Source WKRG News )

Personal note

For some reason, this information seems to have been overlooked or neglected by the mainstream media. I really had to dig in order to validate this story, but as you can see by the links provided, it's absolutely 100% true. Why we aren't hearing more about Mr. Aaron's public demonstration of vaccine safety, I'm not entirely sure, but that is clearly an important piece of the puzzle.

When Hank Aaron's health remains excellent in the coming weeks and months, the media will surely remind us of his story, and how it proves the vaccines are "safe and effective".

I guess you can call me a skeptic, because personally, I don't trust the people who have suppressed cannabis as a cancer treatment to favour their trillion-dollar-a-year chemotherapy and radiation industry. Again, that's just me, and everybody has to reach their own conclusions.

Prerferrably, not dogmatic prepackaged conclusions handed to them by CNN and its sponsors in big pharma.


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