Unexpected flower, in the wild!

Unexpected flower, in the wild!


On Sunday my wife and I went for a walk in the veldt not to far from our house. While walking we found this flower, that seemed completely out of place in the surroundings. It was the only flower of it's kind that we saw on our entire hike!!

It is a beautiful flower, and I must say I have never seen one like it before, not in a garden or in the wild!!

I was wondering if it was a wild flower growing all on its own, or if it is a domestic plant of which the seed somehow ended up in the veldt and started growing??


Finding this beautiful flower surely was a nice surprize!!

(I will write a bit more on our walk at a different time, today I am just feeling a bit tired after coming back from the office, it seems as if I am not used to going to the office anymore!!)

I hope you liked the post as much as I liked writing it.

I hope you have a wonderful day!!

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