My First Tomato Plant!

Lately, I've been extremely interested in gardening and taking care of my own crops. I have all sorts of different fruits, and today I want to showcase my first tomato plant (moneymaker variety). To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of tomatoes unless its fried, turned into a paste or a sauce for pasta, and of course some ketchup, but I know many people in my family, and some of my friends, enjoy some tomatoes.


I'm not entirely sure when I started growing this one, but its been roughly a little over a month (I want to say). It honestly had surprised me because I tried to grow tomatos from store bought tomatoes and that didn't work too well for me. I decided to instead buy seeds from a local family owned nursery. They weren't the ones who produced the seeds, instead they got them shipped from another grower, either way, the seeds actually started to grow, and grow quickly they did.


The excitement I feel when I see my plant really brings up my mood, especially now that I see some fruit being produced. It may need another month or so to fully ripen up but all in all I'm excited to try it out. Yes, I'll even taste it raw... with a little bit of salt or other flavorings so I can enjoy it more. lol

If you're unaware, Tomatoes are a great source of Vitamin K, Potassium, and of course Vitamin C to help defend yourself from nasty sicknesses. If you're ever out in the wilderness with no access to flowing natural water, you'd be surprised to know that tomatoes contain more than 90% water. Of course, I wouldn't be picky under those circumstances. I recommend you shouldn't be either :).

There's more for me to learn about this special plant, and lots for me to appreciate as well. Spaghetti and fresh tomato sauces here I come!

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