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From the summit at Eriksteinfjell, we could see the jagged rock face of Gygrestolen distantly across the valley. We had no choice but to explore it, obviously.

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Despite a hefty evening enjoying the sights and sounds of the Hellbillies show at the local watering hole, mother nature once again lured us outside into the frosty yet sun-drenched forest.

Any time the sun shows it's face in Norway from October through March, one is wise to get outside and make the most of it.

We trekked up the forested trail, sometimes difficult to follow though the snow cover. But we eventually reached the flat top summit. This would make for a great place to camp in the summer. You could tell you were on top of a mountain by the rocky terrain, sparse tree cover and view out over the horizon, yet the expanse felt as though you were in your own kingdom, isolated from the rest of the world. There was even a lake that would make for a nice swimming hole in the warmer months:


After poking our noses around for a few minutes, we eventually trudged over to the west end of the plateau, to where the most breathtaking sights lie. Like so many places in Norway, words can't do justice to the beauty. Drone footage can't even really, but it does it least provide a unique perspective.

So despite the sudden gusty winds and frigid temperatures causing my fingers to become inoperable, I sent brave old Lil Sparky II up, and this is what he came down with:

Not bad for just a typical old Norwegian hiking spot, eh?


Can you think of another famous -stolen in Norway? Maybe you've heard of Preikestolen? A place I've posted on before but recently revisited, so look out for a post on that.

But first - onward to Ireland, finally!

Adventure Every Day started as a dream by two expats lost in Norway. It never amounted to much more than that, but the spirit lives on in our sporadic adventures. Keep adventuring my friends!

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