How Did I Know part 2

I will put part 1 at the end for anyone who hasn't read it yet (for this post to make sense). I wanted to include a few more photos for anyone interested in seeing a bit more (for visualization practices; I do distance reiki and find that images help):

Pixie (the white cat on the left; right after my mom got her, days after my stepfather died)

My mother with Daisy, very soon after getting her

Text from "How Did I Know part 1":
How did I know? How did I know something was wrong - very wrong today. Soon after COVID and quarantining got started, my mom had to put one of her cats down because she found out, right b4 COVID, that the cat had eye cancer (on top of chronic kidney disease). The cat (Daisy) lasted six months then ended up getting sick very suddenly towards the end and had to be put down because she was suffering (couldn't eat). That was my mom's emotional support cat and I was pretty worried about her. But I was happy that she had the other cat (Pixie). Apparently, Pixie may now be ready to transition too. I've been crying on and off all day and I couldn't figure out why. How did I know?

I did do some Reiki distance healing on Pixie and wonder if that linked us up or if it was a link to my mother (who is currently beyond depressed. She got Daisy very soon after her husband passed and because Pixie wasn't too affectionate. Pixie has since become more loving now that she is the only cat but she has also started having numerous health problems).

I just found out about the problems with Pixie (I really liked Daisy a lot but I LOVE Pixie. She became kind of a project cat for me and I wound up falling in love with her despite trying not to get too attached. I am really good with cats and I wound up developing a relationship with her after I FINALLY was able to get her to not be afraid of me. She really isn't a "people cat"). I'm praying that everything will be okay cuz my mom lives by herself and is lonely right now. I'm going to keep praying but I still don't understand how I knew this. Maybe it's because I did Reiki healing on the cat? I still don't know. Please send prayers my mother and her Pixie's way if you can. We're in Massachusetts. In the small image below, Pixie is the white cat and Daisy is underneath.


UPDATE: Pixi is being seen by a home vet this Thursday. We are all hoping this is just an upper respiratory infection. (I pray that is all that is wrong now.)

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