SALVIA: Magic plant that heals.

Stemians friends, I want you to know about a magical and wonderful plant, which has many health properties and is also used for the preparation of meals, drinks and even to ward off the bad vibes of our home; I'm talking about salvia.

For people who want to grow this plant, it is simple, since its seeds are easy to find in specialized stores or can be reproduced through cuttings; this plant can thrive if it is sown directly on a certain plot or in pots, this scented shrub with an erect stem grows between 20 to 60 cm approximately, its leaves are green and velvety, it grows in fertile soils with abundant humidity and sunlight, It is characterized to have flowers of yellowish green color until violet, that sprout throughout the year.

Sage is of Mediterranean origin, botanical family Lamiaceae, whose scientific name is officinalis, this plant has a lot of history to be used by many ancient civilizations, as they considered it miraculous. The Greeks called it the sacred herb, for being a plant that healed many of its health conditions, it is also said that the natives of North American tribes used it for having a potent at the energetic level that helped them to scare away evil spirits, chakra cleanings and keep your vital energy strong; On the other hand, in other parts of the world it is more used to highlight dishes making their flavor more succulent and by doctors specializing in natural medicine and herbalists who take advantage of its wonderful properties to maintain good health and cure many ailments.

This shrub is rich in many components vital for health, it is rich in glucose, vitamin C, enzymes, potassium, B complex and has large amounts of estrogen. Even studies have been done proving the potent results against some conditions that afflict the body, below are some of these benefits:

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties, as it is a powerful muscle relaxant, hence its application is recommended in cases of arthritis, rheumatism, osteoarthritis or any other type of muscle pain.

  • It is ideal to relieve digestive problems, hence it is recommended to take it in infusion to relieve vomiting, stomach pains, diarrhea, inflammation, including the nerves that are located in the mouth of the stomach.

  • Salvia is considered to be hypoglycemic, to the decrease of the amount of sugar in the bloodstream.

  • It is a natural antibiotic, since it fights viruses, bacteria and even strengthens the immune system.

  • It has thermoregulatory properties, regulates excessive sweating, night sweats and hot flashes, the latter very common in menopausal women.

  • Sage is ideal to combat halitosis, which is not bad that bad breath product of excessive bacterial activity in our teeth and mouth.

  • It is ideal as an antiseptic and for the healing of wounds and chafing.

As you can see Steemians friends are many properties, however, this plant is well known and appreciated to maintain good health in women, this being your number one ally to regulate and maintain the proper functioning of your reproductive system, since salvia by containing high doses of estrogen, normalizes and relieves the disorders in the menstrual cycle of women, is effective to minimize discomforts such as vomiting, headache, belly pain and even states of irritability of those days, likewise, this wonderful The plant is an ally for women who are close to or suffer from their menopausal period, since it helps to counteract their own discomforts such as headaches, bad moods, mood swings, hot flashes and even low sexual desire.

So friends Steemians already know that this plant can be your ally for this type of feminine situations, however not only we can take advantage of it in this particular, since it is also our ally to maintain our beauty and make us look younger, since the salvia combats the signs of aging by contributing to good circulation, a vital factor for the regeneration of our skin cells, as well, being rich in vitamin C, it is a powerful weapon to fight free radicals and therefore helps to attenuate the lines of expression and wrinkles. It is important to note that, in addition to all this, sage is ideal to make our hair grow healthier and more abundant, since by favoring circulation it strengthens the hair follicle, also by having antimicrobial properties it regulates the scalp's fat away from the problems of dandruff.

Not satisfied with this; This wonderful plant of which I confess in love, is used to make simple rituals or incense to scare away the bad vibes of our home, it is very simple, take some leaves of this plant are lit with great caution and walks through the house impregnated This magical smoke, you can accompany this ritual praying your favorite prayer and making positive affirmations for you and your whole family.

Friends saw that this plant is too versatile, and behind its simplicity hides a cluster of wonderful powers, it is always good to remember that it must be used under the supervision of specialized people and appropriate doses, hence if you liked this article I encourage you to that you investigate more of the contributions of salvia.

I hope that this humble post like and take advantage of all the properties of this small bush.



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