Pumpkin Leaves: to improve the production and mobility of sperm in man

Hello Steemians friends, usually the people that we like the pumpkin we only consume its fruit and usually we get rid of its leaves, without knowing how versatile they are and all the benefits that it brings to health, from there, that today I will talk about this part of the plant and its ability to increase the number and mobility of sperm in men.

Many are the couples that every day, have the desire to become parents and father a child, to form a family, however there are several factors that put the risk of consolidating such a dream, since sometimes, both the man and the woman have problems when conceiving.

In this post I will deal with one of these problems, which is the low sperm count and speed in man, a condition called oligozoospermia, which causes infertility in the male population. It is considered that when the sperm count is less than 20 million per ml of ejaculation, it has this condition, which is caused by many genetic factors, pathological, stress, food, among others.

However, currently there are many alternatives that have yielded good results, both in the field of conventional medicine and naturist; in this opportunity I will highlight a contribution of plants, specifically pumpkin leaves to improve this situation in man.

Currently the scientific community has admitted the benefits of the consumption of some nutrients and substances present in some foods to improve the speed of mobility and production of sperm in man; Moreover, good results have been obtained in men who have optimized their diet with the intake of antioxidant substances such as vitamin A, C, E and manganese. The pumpkin leaves are rich in these nutrients.

In addition to the indicated substances, pumpkin leaves are also rich in vitamin A, B6, iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, thiamine, phosphorus, among others, so they are highly recommended to maintain a good diet and therefore, have better health.

Now, friends Steemians, the punctual contribution of pumpkin leaves lies in the presence of all these potent substances, especially antioxidants (vitamin A, C, E and manganese) that improve the increase and mobility of sperm in the male , because antioxidants weaken free radicals and protect sperm, drastically improving fertility in men.

Fertility in man that has a rich diet in antioxidants, is evident in the improvement of the quantity and quality of semen, speed of the spermatozoon and optimization of the DNA structure of it; being these vital factors at the time of having better results at the time of fertilizing the ovule and therefore giving rise to a new life.

The consumption of these leaves can be done through meals, salads, drinks and infusions and as I always tell you in my post, it should be done with the supervision of specialists in this area, however, this resource can act as an alternative to other treatments more conventional, since it does not run any kind of risk because it is merely natural.

Friends I hope you like this post, you want it.


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