Parchita de Monte

Hello friends Steemians, today I will talk about a fruit that I found in one of my walks, and when I discovered it, I discovered that it has many health properties, I am referring to the Parchita de Monte, also known in my town as Guaeiquerú or passion fruit.

The parchita de monte, is known by the scientific name of Pasiflora edulis, and has as a botanical family Passifloraceae, this climbing plant, can reach 8 meters, is woody, its fruit is oval or round yellow, measure 5 to 10 cm in diameter, and it is juicy with many seeds; however, this variety of mountain passion fruit tends to be a smaller size, 3 to 6 cm, and is more elongated than normal.

This plant is native to South and Central America, it is used in gastronomy to make meals, sauces, foods, sweets and even drinks, it is said to possess aphrodisiac properties, its essential oils have application to make perfumes, lotions, soaps and shampoos, among others.

Parchita de monte is rich in calcium, iron and phosphorus, vitamins A and C. This fruit provides many health properties, among which we can highlight:

  • It is ideal for hydration, since it has a high percentage of water, it is said that this fruit has three parts of water of its total composition.

  • It is ideal to maintain a good diet, has low caloric intake and provides a good amount of fiber to the body.

  • This fruit has substances such as beta carotene and provitamin A, which keeps skin and hair healthy and healthy.

  • Its essential oils are ideal to combat stress.

  • An excellent aphrodisiac.

This fruit is known as the fruit of passion, a name that was received by the Spaniards, who had contact with the natives of that time, who paid tribute to this fruit, whose vibrant red flower gave it the name of Passion-red.

Friends, I hope you like the information about this particular fruit. They are loved!

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