Lochita As a Brain Oxygenator

Hi friends Steemit, When I was in school I had a teacher who recommended her not so well-known students to drink milk with milk, at that time, as children, we took it to play and we did not really know What was it about; Nowadays, with the study of plants and natural medicine, I can already understand that what our teacher told us was not a game, on the contrary, it was an excellent recommendation, since I know, that the lochita is a plant that acts as a powerful cerebral oxygenator that helps improve memory.

La lochita, has by scientific name, Hydrocotyle bonariensis, is a plant native to Latin America, from tropical areas, it is also known by other names such as: paraguitas, centella de playa, toad umbrella, acriso, cento grass, among others . It grows wild in almost any land, ditches, river banks, lagoons, since it has great adaptability.

This plant can also be planted in a controlled way in pots, and it is very beneficial, since you can use it as food, for its medicinal properties and even as an ornament of the gardens, for having a beautiful circular shape, which is very useful for decorating gardens .

Not satisfied, with its beauty, the lochita has many medicinal properties, highlighting the ability to regenerate the nervous system and to be a powerful oxygenator for the brain, which also acts as an energizing tonic, which significantly improves problems of mental fatigue and concentration; Hence, it is highly recommended to students and people who need to have a good memory, as this is a plant that offers wonderful benefits in this area.

This herb is widely used in countries such as China for herbalists and in India for Ayurvedic medicine, because in addition to being a number one ally for our brain, it also has other properties, such as:

  • It is excellent healing and anti-inflammatory.

  • It is a quintessential diuretic that helps eliminate toxins through the expulsion of fluid.

  • It is excellent to combat liver problems.

  • Promotes the production of elastin and collagen, to regenerate the skin and eliminate blemishes.

  • It is a plant that favors the digestive system, among others.

Lochita is a plant that is worth taking into account for our natural medicine kit, as it can be very useful when it comes to combating many health conditions and keeping the brain and nervous system balanced.

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