Contributions of Plants to Medicine

Since always, man has felt a lot of concern for the world around him, especially the nature and all the resources that this provides, hence many scientists from the beginning have paid great attention to the properties that provide us some natural resources, as is the case of plants, which in their great variety of species, provide a wonderful world to explore, since many of them not only have ornamental purposes; there are a large number that have effective active components to treat health conditions, these plants are called medicinal plants, and are the focal point of natural medicine.

Natural medicine is an alternative field to conventional medicine, which is responsible for the study of plants and other natural resources for medicinal purposes; This part of medicine is a well-known option to prevent and fight many diseases.

Nowadays the advances achieved in this area of medicine, has set guidelines and has made it consolidate every day more, since there are many scholars who have made substantial contributions, which have even attracted the attention of some traditional doctors , who have dared to take some contributions from these specialists to complement or give a plus to some of their treatments.

Natural medicine has also contributed in the field of pharmaceuticals, since there are currently medicines, whose main active component, comes from a plant or other natural resource, among which is indicated:

The willow, which is used to the manufacture of aspirin.

The tree Taxus brevifolia produces paclitaxel, a drug used for cancer chemotherapies.

Morphine, this medicine is produced from the poppy plant (opium).

The sen, which is a bush used for the manufacture of very effective laxative pills.

Chamomile, is the main component of many skin creams, since it is special to treat skin conditions.

These are a few examples of the wonderful benefits that nature provides, is more, today is in the study of a drug called Zmapp against Ebola, from snuff, you have great faith in this medicine since this deadly disease It has claimed many lives, especially in regions of Africa.

As you see Steemians friends, plants today are a valuable resource that every day more leverage the development and maintenance of natural medicine, which increasingly includes more places in the preferences of ordinary citizens. Because they are resources that are usually counted at hand and cost a thousand times less than conventional medicines, which are becoming increasingly expensive.

Now you know the importance of plants for medicine and all the contributions they provide every day to science and the community in general.

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