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Steemians friends, today I will present you a plant that in my locality is considered weed, and also, it has a quaint name, that I did not really know, why? , it's about the stone breaker. My task today, was to know why this plant is called so small with this name.

Without wasting time I decided to ask the oldest and wisest people in the community, because this plant is known by that name, and they told me that it has earned such a name for the effectiveness that this plant has shown at the time. to prevent or eliminate stones or kidney, gallbladder and bladder stones.

With this explanation, I devoted myself to investigate more about this plant, and found, that it is originally from America, which is also known by other names such as, hidden flower, Good Friday, Chanca piedra, egg down, niruri, hidden egg, diuretic philanthropic , grass peronilla, among others. It has by scientific name Phyllanthus niruri L, is from the botanical family Euphorbiaceae.

This is a herbaceous plant, which measures 25 to 60 cm in height, it spreads wild, it has small leaves arranged on horizontal branches, greenish-white flowers and its fruit in the form of small eggs, arranged on the back of the branches that make it up.

The stone breaker is a plant widely used by natural medicine practitioners in countries such as India and Peru, and over time has spread its wonderful effects to get rid of the calculations and has also been known to have good results as a potent hypoglycemic, diuretic and anticancer.

This small plant is so effective to eliminate stones, due to its diuretic effect, which is vital to eliminate toxins from the body and eliminate fluids, optimizing renal function. The stone breaks, does not really disintegrate the calculations, its main function, is to cause the relaxation of the urinary and bladder, facilitating the expulsion of grit, crystals and stones of our body.

Not satisfied with this wonderful benefit for our body, I found in my research, that this plant is rich in a substance called quercetin, which is a type of flavonoid that has a great antioxidant, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory effect, very favorable to keep healthy. organism.

The stone breaks, has significant amounts of vitamin C, substance that allows free radicals to fight in our cells, forming a shield against some cardiovascular diseases and other more deadly as cancer, likewise, vitamin C is our ally to prevent aging premature of our skin.

This fascinating plant is rich in linoleic acid, which is an essential component of omega 6, which offers great benefits to the organism, increases the body's defenses, prevents cardiovascular diseases and regulates blood pressure levels. potent anti-inflammatory, helps maintain good levels of triglycerides and cholesterol, and not in accordance with this, helps burn body fat that sometimes we have other our body.

If you thought that this was all, then there is more; This small wonder, contains large amounts of tannins, a substance present in grapes, which is 100% antioxidant and helps to avoid various types of cancers, these tannins provide the body with a great antiseptic source, vital to fight, germs, fungi and bacteria ; However, these tannins should be consumed with caution, since, if more than 100 mg are ingested daily, it prevents the absorption of iron, which can cause the hemoglobin to fall.

As you can see Steemians friends, this plant is quite a wonder, as they say there, "everything good comes in small bottles" and making an analogy, this small plant how many benefits it can bring. However I also tell them as always, should be used with caution, as it is not recommended for use in pregnant women, infants or children and people who usually take diuretics, as they could become dehydrated, however we should never close to try new things, you should only consult with your family doctor, herbalist or naturopathic doctor.

I am surprised with everything I learned today from this plant, thanks to the contributions of people from my community and my research, today I know I can count on one more plant for my natural medicine kit, now I know that when walking Through the gardens where you see this little plant, I will know how to appreciate its power more, and I will not consider it a simple weed, now I have the certainty that it is a powerful resource to help heal and prevent many ailments of the organism.

Friends, I hope you like this humble post, you want them!

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