#GARDENJOURNAL - Happy Hydro Plants on The First August 🌱☘️🥕

Hi Lovely Hive Friends and Farmers,

I hope everything is going well for you and your garden wherever you are. Today I will share with you my new experience with gardening indoor veggies. The same as all planting lovers, for me, watching the green sprouts growing from the seeds is as much excited as eating them. And now hydroponics is my new passion!


Viet Phu Farm where I learnt how to plant veggestables from hydroponics method.

What is hydroponics?

It is a new technique model that you grow vegetables without using soil, mainly water. The roots are soaked in a nutrient solution - a mixture of water and dissolved nutrients. There are many advantages to this modern method of planting compared with the traditional way. One of those is that hydroponics can be grown indoor spaces all year round. This is especially cool for those who are passionate about gardening but live in apartment buildings that have no balcony or garden.


Before choosing this way, please notice that every plant needs: the right light, temperature, water, CO2, O2, and the right nutrients. The beauty of the hydroponics method is that you can control all of these factors completely.


Let's review in detail what our hydroponics vegetables need,

  1. Light: we can use energy-saving LEDs light to power them during the time needed, if your space has enough natural light, you don't really need to turn on the LEDs light.

  2. Oxygen: we can buy a foaming pump at electric stores.

  3. Temperature: we can adjust according to our indoor space by keeping it in a warm place.

  4. Nutrient: we will not use soil fertilizers or organic ones for hydroponics. There are special fertilizers that you can buy at plant stores where they sell vertical farming equipment.

  5. Water: we must keep water enough for seeds/ roots to stay during the growing time.

How to make the correct nutrient solution?

These are what I learned from my teacher who is owning a big hydroponics farm that I shared with you above,

The ideal temperature for the hydroponic nutrient solution is 18 -24 degrees celsius, so we must fill the container with the water temperature firstly.

Then follow the instructions and pour the nutrient mixture into the water, stirring well. He also mentioned that pH and EC play the most important things in growing the hydroponics vegetables so please pay attention to that. EC degrees indicate how many nutrients are present in the solution. Meanwhile, the pH determines whether the vegetables can optimally utilize those nutrients.


He advised me to start at a low EC (0.4-0.6) for young plants, seedlings, or cuttings then gradually raise it when the veggies grow larger. On the internet nowadays, you can easily find a list of pH and Ec levels for hydroponics veggies and herbals that you want to grow at home. src

Please remember to check the water level regularly and whenever the water gets lower than instructions, please refill and make the nutrient solution as I summarized above from my recent lesson.



Wish you good luck with planting your hydro garden and I am looking forward to seeing your results. This is my entry for the August #Gardenjournal challenge. Thank you for calling me in your contest, dear @riverflows.

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