My child, My Life

Good day to you all my friends,

I'm here again, but first of all, I apologize because I can rarely post my article. because I'm too busy at work, I know it's wrong to be too busy at work but I have to live here at my job now. This is where I take our daily expenses at home and daily needs in my family.

Ok, this is my inspiration in my life, he gave me strength and encouragement in all the trials of my life. he gave me the strength to get up early and work right he also gave me strength when I was sick. he is my paint reliever to any disease that comes into my life.

Not that I'm bragging about my son but he's really like me he won't stop when he's not satisfied with what he's doing. in the morning before I go to work he always kisses my forehead and when I'm in the office he always calls me at the same time saying papa come home let's have lunch. and in the afternoon he always visits our office just to make sure I get home early. He is so sweet to me and at night he waits for me to play until we fall asleep playing.

I know and he also knows that one day he won't play games with me like this when he grows up. They are only young once so I will do everything for her as my son grows up while I was still alive. A father's love for his son cannot be replaced by any diamond. The speed of time seems to have only passed yesterday. It really surprises me even though my son is 4 years old.

Know when the time will come that you will walk away from us. And go to college and work knowing how far my child will go. And don't worry, we will support you as much as we can, your mother is proud of you. We can handle all the turmoil in life just so we can succeed in our ambition. Because he wants to be a policeman or an engineer someday. I always talk to him son, your mother and I are just here, if you have a problem, tell me and we are ready to support you.

And my son said yes papa thank you very much papa for the love you gave me and mama thank you very much. And I didn't realize the tears quickly trickled down my eyes. Thank you, son and you are listening to my advice.

I know you can't fully understand things in this world because you are still young, but I know the time will come and the time will come you will know what the life God has given us means.
This place is our promenade, we call it the plaza.
We love you so much, son!

Thank you

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