Beauty of Creativity

All kinds of creative works.Beauty in your mind.Take it out and let it go. Didcord- httpsdiscord.ggRX86Cc4FnA

One can share any type of content that reflects creativity. All kinds of creative works like Art photography singing cooking writing articles about travel sports science and technology economy life and life-style poetry story .You can make posts here in the community with quality content.

Quality content will be rewarded.


- User must share introduction post in the community to be a verified member.

- Post must contain minimum 80-100 words to get curated. We wont support the posts that are created with low efforts.

- Use your country tag in first 4 tags while posting. For example if you are from India use india tag in your first 4 tags

- Try to be an active user in this community. While you are expecting support from others you have to support engage with other users as well

- Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. If you get caught while doing this heinous act we will label you as 1st Warning. And if you get caught for the second time youll be banned muted from this community.

- Most importantly open the door of your creativity. Always remember that your posts reflects who you are.

- If you want to post same content on hive which is posted on steemit you must add some new content in that post.But steemit and hive user id must be same.

- Our Preferred language is English. Though we will accept post in Bengali too.

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