The music and me

It is rare that feeling to write something about me but it is something that I do not really dislike to expose people interested in the subject to be treated and consider curious or interesting. This time I would like to expose the brand that music has left, how I perceive it and how it has been an escape in the most difficult moments in my life.

It is clear that you do not have to be a musician or play an instrument to feel comfortable with those songs that touch you and leave a small mark on you regardless of the song to be treated. Personally, I consider myself or I visualize myself as a transmitter or catalyst when I listen to a music that makes me transcend and merge with me dancing along with my thoughts.

I just close my eyes, I go to bed and I am in a state of rest, then the image that forms before my eyes is dark until I take the form that I want to transmit and adapt to that feeling allowing me to see myself inside, observing all that information stored in my memory, that transmits that sound using it as a source to go beyond where I want to take.

It is an escape for me, perhaps because of the magic that transmits to me when I am in that transe whether lying down or walking is something that takes me away from the present lived and transports me away, allowing me to be in a state similar to that of an autopilot. It is that kind of magic resembling love accepting it as it is as if you reflected it to a person, the moments are gone only you and that emotion reduced to abstract moments filling me with happiness, an ephemeral but pure in its state of transition.

Thanks for reading my post, I hope you have a good day

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