SPS Proposal - Funding for STEEM.CRAFT

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Hello, Steemians and Minecraft players,

this post is a proposal for the Steem Proposal System (SPS). Since HardFork 21, a new SPS pool has been added, which is shared between all active proposals. I don't really know how it is shared exactly, but there is a dedicated website for it here. You can also read more about the Steem Proposal System here.


I'm @immanuel94, a server operator of a small Minecraft server network called @skyroad, I'm doing lots of contests which have a Minecraft related topic here on Steem. I have more than 10 years of experience with operating Minecraft servers and I've seen a big opportunity for server operators and players with the integration of Steem into Minecraft, which is why I'm currently creating an addon for the Minecraft server wrapper Spigot, that allows server operators to add some parts of the Steem ecosystem to their server. It is called STEEM.CRAFT.

What does STEEM.CRAFT offer?

Something like this has not been done before as far as I know. It will allow server operators and players to save their worlds to make them invulnerable to being destroyed through server crashes and griefing. Also, players can just take their world on any server they want. It gives the players the freedom to play where they want or even just create their own server to build there. Additional, server operators get instant access to the entire library of worlds which has been stored on Steem before, once the plugin is installed. This gives both players and server operators great opportunities and reasons to use STEEM.CRAFT.

It will allow the players on the server in the future to:

  • Create worlds with different game types (like creation, jump and run, minigame or adventure).
  • Save these worlds directly to the Steem blockchain with modern, future-proof and compressed schematic files.
  • Load worlds from the Steem blockchain directly on the server and play it.
  • Comment & vote on worlds
  • Discover new worlds from other players & servers through Steem.

In order to prevent bloat of the Steem blockchain, only special worlds that have been created by the addon can be stored on the Steem blockchain, normal Minecraft worlds that already have been on Minecraft servers before, can't be stored.


At the moment, I'm creating STEEM.CRAFT when I have time to do it without being paid, with this proposal, I want to fund this work to dedicate more time to STEEM.CRAFT to create a better end product in less time.

For this reason, I want to propose 20 SBD a day to dedicate at least 2 hours each day to work on the project.

As the name suggests, this project is committed to supporting only Steem and promote Steem to players of each server that is running this addon later on. It also heavily relies on the Steem blockchain for almost all functions that STEEM.CRAFT will have.

The project is going on for some time now and there are first achievements, it is already possible to create, save and load worlds to and from the Steem blockchain, but more improvements are necessary to make it ready for servers to operate it properly.
If you want, you can read more about the project in the following updates:

I have created a delegation request for STEEM.CRAFT, which could be used later on to reward players and server operators for creating worlds that enrich the world library here on Steem. This delegation request would not fund the development, but rather increase the interest in the addon for players and server operators. Which is why I created this proposal to fund the actual development and creation of this addon. In the delegation request, you can also view the currently active milestones.

Thank you for reading my proposal for the Steem Proposal System,

have a great day. =)

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I also wanted to show how proposals can be created with steem-js, if somebody wanted to know:

<script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.4.1.js"></script>
<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/steem/dist/steem.min.js"></script>
  extensions: [],
  operations: [
    ['create_proposal', {
      creator: "creator name",
      receiver: "receiver name",
      start_date: "yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss",
      end_date: "yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss",
      daily_pay: "0.000 SBD",
      subject: "Subject for proposal",
      permlink: "a permlink for the proposal post",
      extensions: []
  ]}, ["active key of the creator"], (err, result) => {
  console.log(err, result);
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