Forcing Myself to Relax


I started a new job last Monday. I’m working from home which makes it extra important to make sure I get down time. I’m a person who will grind and grind and only pause to grab food to eat while I continue grinding. In fact, the only way I’m holding myself still and away from either housework or my new work is to write this post.

Getting things done feels great, but consciously relaxing my mind and body is better. Right now I’m focusing on breathing into my belly and releasing the tension in my shoulders. I’m closing my eyes after every other sentence so I can simply be and not do.

I used to have an excellent meditation practice. I have a goal to get back to it. It helped me be less reactive and more energetic. I would also like to get back to excel using regularly. I keep trying and letting the practice go because there are so many other transitions in my life.

I am getting plenty of good rest. Our kittens keep me busy petting them. That is deeply restorative for me. It also forces me to relax my body so that my little guy won’t run off. Who wants to cuddle a stress ball?

It’s almost time to head back to work. I’m feeling good about this time not thinking about my task list. I feel like I’ve done well for myself. I hope you’re out there taking care of yourself as well. Tell me your favorite relaxation techniques.

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