Here's How To Maintain Mental Health In Teens


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Nowadays, mental health has become one of the important issues that have begun to attract the interest of the wider community. It is undeniable, the pandemic has changed the lifestyle of many people significantly. Some who are not ready for this change then become vulnerable to mental health disorders, especially teenagers who are considered to be still in an unstable phase.

Adolescence is known as a transitional phase from childhood to adulthood. This is a phase where a person experiences various changes both biologically, physically, mentally, psychosocially, and emotionally. This is why teenagers can not only focus on physical health because mental health also plays a very important role in their well-being.

These are 12 ways to maintain mental health in teenagers during a pandemic

Along with the government's decision to close schools, many teenagers miss big moments in their lives. For example, such as enjoying togetherness with friends, contributing to activities at school, celebrating a graduation, and so on. Here are some ways to maintain mental health in teenagers during the pandemic that you can try to implement.

  1. Doing Morning Routine
    Most people immediately check their devices as soon as they wake up. Doing morning routine activities can help the soul and mind to be more fresh and ready to go back to activities. Therefore, instead of spending time looking at your cellphone, you can start doing morning worship or dawn prayers for Muslims. You can also do light stretching and then clean the bedroom.

  2. Doing Affirmations Regularly
    Try to always do affirmations every day. The purpose of how to maintain mental health in adolescents on this one is to emphasize positive things in yourself. The brain will immediately digest the positive words spoken. Furthermore, the brain will indoctrinate so that your point of view and thoughts change for the better and are always positive by the affirmations made.

  3. Reading Favorite Books
    It's not just the body that needs nutrition. The soul also needs it. You can meet the nutritional needs of the soul by reading your favorite book. Reading can also make your understanding of things better. Your perspective will also become wider. So that it can be wiser in dealing with various problems that exist.

  4. Filling Journal
    How to maintain mental health in adolescents can then be done by filling out journals with various things that have happened or have been obtained so far. This activity will help you to be grateful for all these things. On the other hand, this will also prevent you from getting involved in a fast-moving world and making people always rush in every situation.

  5. Maintaining a Quality Sleep Pattern
    Many studies show a link between poor sleep patterns and negative effects on mood. Therefore try to sleep at a regular time every day. You should avoid playing on cellphones before bed and limiting high-caffeine drinks every day. Apart from helping you to limit the amount of caffeine and sugar in your body, it will also help you fall asleep faster.

  6. Enjoying Nature
    Next, you can take a trip to enjoy the scenery as a way to maintain mental health in teenagers. It can be done by climbing, camping, traveling to the beach, and so on. From nature, you can learn to accept and love yourself. It's also an easy and fun way to refresh yourself.

  7. Turning Off Smartphone And Internet Periodically
    The development of digital technology today can trigger our bodies and minds to become tired more easily. Turning off social media, chat, or even turning off your phone for some time will give you pause and help you think slowly. Back to the analog age where everything is done manually can be one way to refresh yourself.

  8. Taking Care of Yourself With Body Care Activities
    How to maintain mental health in the next teenager is by doing body care activities. Especially for young women who often face the problem of a crisis of self-confidence due to an unsatisfactory appearance. Interestingly, this activity can be done at home with other family members. For example, doing a spa with mom or sister, massage, or simply installing a diffuser with various aromatherapy is known to help calm the mind and make the body more relaxed. So that it can overcome stress as well as reduce various anxiety experienced. You and your family will be fresher and healthier.

  9. Finding a New Hobby
    Instead of feeling bored while at home, you can find a new hobby to fill your spare time. This is a way to maintain mental health in the next teenager that you can try. Think back to what you liked the most as a child. You can also try new things such as trying new recipes, gardening with new methods, and so on.

  10. Doing Volunteering Activities
    As is well known, helping others becomes a meaningful activity and can give a sense of worth within. Besides being a volunteer will also help you to grow a better sense of gratitude. You can start by joining a volunteer community in your neighborhood.

  11. Doing Exercise Regularly
    How to maintain mental health in the next teenager is to exercise regularly. According to research, both before and after exercise, the body will release endorphins that help improve mood and deal with stress. That's why exercise is touted as a surefire way to ward off stress, anxiety, and depression. Find simple ways to increase your exercise activity. It can be by taking the stairs, cycling or walking to a nearby place, or doing simple yoga movements. Try to get sun exposure which can help the body produce vitamin D, and increase serotonin levels in the brain.

  12. Doing Meditation
    The next way to maintain mental health in adolescents is by doing meditation. This activity will help you recognize the emotions you are experiencing, both positive and negative emotions. Take a few minutes a day to meditate. This is enough for you to learn to fully realize, enjoy and appreciate yourself. Interestingly, now you can do meditation with the help of an application that you can easily download on the Playstore. Meditation can have a positive influence on brain and immune function, in a mindfulness way. This will help you improve your memory, maintain a balance in your life, respond proportionately to every problem, and become a person who gives your full attention.

Those are some ways to maintain mental health in teenagers. If all these methods are not able to help you, don't be shy to immediately consult and get help from experts. Remember, basically humans cannot live alone without the help of others. Therefore, don't keep all your worries to yourself.

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