It was encouraging to see SO MUCH discussion and conversation regarding a post recently put out by @ryzeonline. If you missed it, you can check it out here. While the sheer volume of discussion was awesome to see, the "in-fighting" about HOW HIVE should be marketed was definitely a sour sight to see.


The main disagreement I saw, was the phrase

"Social that pays"

A dissenter (if I can say that, and he wasn't the only one) of this idea, @demotruk had this to say about that tag line:

Hive fails to deliver on that promise. It sets expectations that they will make money here, and they are disappointed when they don't. We compound that disappointment by only giving half the advertised post reward to the author, and then locking half of that up in Hive Power


What we need to work on in my view is actually delivering on "social that pays". What we deliver on is more like "blogging site that pays if you adhere to our concept of quality content".

All of what he said here is true, for the most part.

BUT, even if it's not, my point, which I will get to, still validates this tag line as good marketing.

@lordbutterfly clearly was not on board with this type of marketing, as he had this to say:

Its just not good. Hive isnt "make money here."

No serious investor here is insane enough to promote it as such.

But followed it up with this:

Im not saying i dont like the look of it or dont apprexiate the effort, because i do, but this is just not a message you want to send out alone.

and that's where my point comes in...

Let's take an example of me selling a car to 6 potential buyers.

The car I have for sale is AWD, has AC and heat, under 100K miles, seats 5 people, and I'm asking 10K.

Without knowing what those 6 people are looking for in a car first of all, it's difficult to sell them a specific aspect of the car.

One of them may not need AC because they live in a cool climate.

One might not need AWD because they don't get snow/ice.

One might not be able to afford 10K.

One might not need to seat 5 people, or maybe they need to seat 7 people.

The point here, is that even though the car I am selling has all these options, it might not be a fit for these 6 buyers. But that DOES NOT mean I shouldn't list all of its attributes and accessories.

Which brings us back to, "what is the best way to market Hive?"

Let's get one thing straight, we are not STEEM. We forked from Steem for a reason.

What didn't work marketing wise with Steem, doesn't mean it will fail here on Hive.

We have evolved. We have made upgrades. We have incentivized good behavior and made bad behavior much more difficult to operate here. We continue daily, to be better and do better.

While I greatly appreciate anyone doing any tactic to market Hive and bring people here, I don't think we should be selling opportunities short and negating a fact that you CAN use Hive as "social that pays".

People's expectations are their own.

We will never not have spammers here.

We will never not have tire kickers.

We will never not have people join thinking they will make a quick buck overnight.

We will never be perfect.

and that is FINE.

We don't need to be.

But we do need to use every accessory and attribute that makes us stand out in contrast to other SM sites, if we want to maximize our reach to the masses.

I think it'd be foolish to not use the possibility of making money here to try and bring people in.

To use only that strategy, obviously, is dumb.

Which is why I was perplexed at the amount of people that were shooting down this idea.

We are decentralized, everyone can do what they want and how they want. If it works, it will bring people in, if it doesn't it wont.

Unless you're marketing "social that pays", this way:

Post on HIVE and you'll be a millionaire overnight!!!!

Then I say it's a useful tool to, at a minimum, draw attention here and maybe get some people to stick.

I disagree that there is one way, and only one way to market Hive. Some tactics may be better than others, but that shouldn't mean you don't use what ya got.

Back to the car scenario:

Some people want AC (decentralization)

Some people want immutable content (AWD)

Some people want to make money (under 100K miles)

Some people want community (fits 5 people)

Some people want ALL OF IT.

It doesn't make sense NOT to market what ya got.

I hope that made sense. To each their own. We are a community, one which is decentralized, but I'd argue that we all share one main goal, and that is get Hive where we know it should be. Any way we can.

I hope none of the users I quoted feel I quoted them out of context, if so, please lmk and I'll address it.

Be blessed y'all, thanks for reading, and Hive on.