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To illustrate the beneficial effects of its new moisturizer, the cosmetics brand Burt's Bees imagined a display of a new kind.


Before dawn on a Saturday, the company put up a billboard at a busy market. The sign showed a woman with dry, scaly skin. Each snowflake was actually a $ 3 off coupon. There were 1,300 in all to encourage a first try of the new product. By the end of the day, passers-by had snatched enough coupons to reveal the model's new face.

The visual therefore skilfully played on the before - after effect. Covered with post-it notes, the poster presents a tired woman with damaged skin. As passers-by take off the post-its, the visual changes: the woman blossoms and her skin is beautified.

This example shows how important is the marketing display which attracts new customers and increase its base of the products.

Marketing asset

A good example of going off the beaten track:

a useful display - distribution of discount coupons. This is the most used and old techniques to distribute free discount coupon so that people get to try new product with less price paying.

an innovative combination of billboard and couponing. - billboard play an important role as we all know we spend lots of of time traveling from home to office or else were this billboard helps us to know what products are launching and will be launched.

a memorable before-after because it is different. We all know a good product is always gives a good impression and wi last longer as compare to its compitetors. So we need to develop a good and lasting product.

This are the few different points we need to keep in mind which will help in generating a good advertising ads. Which will not only attractive but also genrate sales.

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