Threespeak and OCD Manual Curation Collaboration: Compilation #137

Hello everyone!

This is a compilation post that highlights the collaboration of @threespeak and @ocd. Both projects aimed at manually curating original and quality content, so this partnership is the synergy that would be beneficial to both @threespeak and @ocd. But the content creators who upload their original and quality content on @threespeak would benefit the most from this because they will gain higher upvotes.

Take note that @threespeak videos can also be posted to their appropriate communities. For example, if you have an amazing travel video, you can upload it in Threespeak and post it in Haveyoubeenhere community at the same time.

How Manual Curation Works

There's a common channel in OCD where all Threespeak videos that are of quality are dropped by community leaders and curators. Those videos will be upvoted by OCD and then followed by Threespeak. Some posts are already upvoted by Threespeak through @eddiespino that will be dropped in the channel for OCD upvote. This will make quality videos have higher potential payouts because of the upvotes of the two projects.

A compilation post will be created for those upvoted posts to highlight both the author and the community where the post is located, the same way how Other Niche Communities curation works.

Here are the curated posts for this batch:

Curated Posts

Author: @josegrech
Community: Movies & TV Shows

¿Cómo es ir al cine Post-Covid?

Así como ven el el título, ayer tuve mi primera experiencia en cines después de la gran y radical pandemia declarada. So, no quería dejar la oportunidad de hacer un pequeño review y al mismo tiempo compartir mi euforia porque, por San Google, ¡Venom 2 ya se estrenó! Chistes oscuros, mucha ironía combinada con sarcasmo y más sobre un agradable simbionte que se gano mi corazoncito, era muy obvio que no aguantaría sin ir al cine.

Curator: @jcrodriguez

Author: @d-rock
Community: Bee on the Stage


Hello hive friends! Sometimes in life you have to move on no matter what.... No matter how much it hurts, no matter how hard it is, all that is worth nothing if we remain trapped in that moment of your story, we must not get carried away by what other people think, or your sad distrust of yourself, we must only have faith in us and that we can achieve everything we set out... That's what I thought when I did this dance, the truth is that sometimes you wake up and you don't feel good, you just want to disappear from the world and it's not wrong to think like that from time to time... But, we must be clear about how good we are in many things, never denigrate ourselves and not make us feel bad for other people... Every time I do a choreography I feel free, I feel happy and content that's why I dedicate myself to this, I like to do it, I'm in love with dancing and although not all the time is the easiest thing in the world, if you like something do not let it go, fight for it until you feel satisfied with everything .... The steps of this new video that I bring to you, are very easy but complicated when it comes to execute them because it takes a lot of concentration and passion so that everyone can enjoy it at the time of presenting it.... Just do not give up in the most complicated situations that life gives us, we just have to be yourself and go ahead in everything to become in the future what we want and that nothing ever affects us.

Curator: @elizabeths14

Author: @eugelys
Community: Music

#MusicNoFilter - Luna de Margarita (Simón Díaz Cover) by Eugelys

One of the things I love from my childhood is the musical baggage that I keep with me thanks to those wonderful years, for example, being able to listen to Simón Díaz in his television program and seeing him surrounded by children, who like me, were beginning to love Venezuelan music.

Curator: @ylich

Author: @adilconstantine
Community: Music

Making a Playground Beat #Beatober

Making a beat with sounds from a playground for Beatober challenge (2021)

Curator: @acidyo

Author: @ayleenr
Community: Holos&Lotus

5 Ejercicios de Respiración para niños / 5 Breathing Exercises for children [ESP-ENG]

But for breathing to be effective we must learn to do it consciously and voluntarily, that is to concentrate on our rhythm, feel how our air flow passes, besides being an excellent therapy to control our emotions, such as anger, stress, nerves, among others. When we breathe in and out we concentrate to such an extent that we do not think anything else, we just take the balance of our body and mind.

Curator: @elizabeths14

Author: @ana.rivas2104
Community: Motherhood

Estimulando el Lenguaje de Camilo | |[ ESP-ENG]

For us parents there are a thousand ideas on how we can help our children develop their own language and their way of transmitting their feelings and sensations.

Curator: @elizabeths14

Author: @omairita
Community: Music

"Arráncame la vida" Cover by @omairita

Friends of #hive, I am very happy to be with you tonight, presenting one of the songs that I like the most, by the Mexican maestro Agustín Lara. This is one of the classics of this great Latin composer, for me, one of the best Spanish-speaking composers. I hope you like this interpretation.

Curator: @ylich

Author: @helyorsini
Community: Music

Potpourri Golpes Tocuyanos / By Hely Orsini

Today I bring for you a little potpourri of *Golpes Tocuyanos", a typical rhythm from the region of El Tocuyo in the State of Lara, in the west of the country. The way to play it is with the cuatro monterol style, the cinco, the medio cinco, the 5-string cuatro that plays the role of octave, the maracas and the tambora. Listening to all these instruments together is something incredible, a unique and special sonority loaded with a lot of energy and joy.

Curator: @ylich

Author: @laloretoyya
Community: Geek Zone

Fire HD 8 | Review

Hello everyone! Today I bring you the review of my new device, It is the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet, this device that joins my technology collection I bought it because I needed a device to read because on my mobile phone it was very uncomfortable. The moment I turned it on and set it up I realized that not only did I want it, but I needed it much more than I knew I would.

Curator: @elizabeths14

Author: @bigcarrillo
Community: Threespeak


A warm greeting to all the Community, welcome to the PODCAST not so podcast but wow ¡PEOR ES NADA! in our episode N°7 we have the honor of having not only a talented GAMER but also a friend who opens his heart and shares with us a little of his life and his passion for Video Games.

Curator: @elizabeths14

This concludes this batch's curation report. We would like to congratulate those who are featured and supported. Keep up the good work and continue to post videos on Threespeak.

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