Threespeak and OCD Manual Curation Collaboration: Compilation #131

Hello everyone!

This is a compilation post that highlights the collaboration of @threespeak and @ocd. Both projects aimed at manually curating original and quality content, so this partnership is the synergy that would be beneficial to both @threespeak and @ocd. But the content creators who upload their original and quality content on @threespeak would benefit the most from this because they will gain higher upvotes.

Take note that @threespeak videos can also be posted to their appropriate communities. For example, if you have an amazing travel video, you can upload it in Threespeak and post it in Haveyoubeenhere community at the same time.

How Manual Curation Works

There's a common channel in OCD where all Threespeak videos that are of quality are dropped by community leaders and curators. Those videos will be upvoted by OCD and then followed by Threespeak. Some posts are already upvoted by Threespeak through @eddiespino that will be dropped in the channel for OCD upvote. This will make quality videos have higher potential payouts because of the upvotes of the two projects.

A compilation post will be created for those upvoted posts to highlight both the author and the community where the post is located, the same way how Other Niche Communities curation works.

Here are the curated posts for this batch:

Curated Posts

Author: @cryptofiloz
Community: Splinterlands

Healing Power! - Splinterlands Tips, Tricks, and Tactics #78

Welcome to the newest video of the Splinterlands tips, tricks, and tactics! This time, I was playing with Water Splinter, which is my second favorite to play with... My best summoner has +1 on Magic attackers, so it's suitable for some specific battles...

Also, I have collected a couple of healing cards and leveled them up, which can be great if you are playing an opponent that doesn't have heavy hitters so that you can heal your army... The bad side of my Water deck is that it's slow... So, if I "plan" to win the battle, I have to be strong enough to survive attacks from the beginning until healers kick in...

Curator: @eddiespino

Author: @vicokiwi
Community: Bee on the Stage

Rock N´Roll - Skrillex (Just Dance).

Alooha, greetings to all the hivers.

Today I share another video dancing Just dance that I performed for the Bee on th stage community contest, however after many videos I decided on Where have you been by Rihanna [Post]( / hive-121439 / @ vicokiwi/yjkqgbdr).
However, I did not want to stop sharing this dance that means a lot to me, since it is one of the first Just dance choreographies that I danced.

Curator: @eddiespino

Author: @joheredia21
Community: Movies & TV Shows

[ES-EN] Video Reseña de Juego del Calamar (Spoilers) // Squid Game Video Review (Spoilers)

Hello Hivers, lovers of movies and series, this time I want to comment on a trendy series, certainly has caused a great furor in social networks and even by the time of this post perhaps many have already seen a spoiler of The Squid Game.

Curator: @jcrodriguez

Author: @titisnariyah
Community: Cinnamon Cup Coffee

KOPI KENANGAN; I love Avocuddle Series!

Today I want to show you a video where I bought coffee with palm sugar which is currently popular in Indonesia.

By the way, coffee shops with palm sugar, in Indonesia there are so many types that it is impossible for me to name them one by one. Nun, the ones I order most often belong to Promise Soul and Lawson Station.

Curator: @millycf1976

Author: @naradamoon
Community: Music


Today I wanted to share with you this little cover of Los Pericos, an argentinian regae group that I really like. The song is called Pupilas lejanas, it talks about a kind of complicated sentimental situation that develops in a stage of a certain love situation.

Curator: @ylich

Author: @mariajruizb
Community: Music

"Fidelidad" Cover by @mariajruizb

Greetings with affection to all the users of the #music community, today I want to share this Christian theme with great affection to first of all thank the almighty, I have lived a stage of my life with many trials and one of them happened to me voice, to the point that I left several months without singing, taking care of my voice until I had a complete healing. All honor and glory to our only Savior, Jesus of Nazareth. Today I have a thousand reasons to celebrate with you that I feel my voice completely healed. I share a song by Christine D´Clario.

Curator: @ylich

Author: @storiesoflove
Community: Musicforlife 🎶

Blockchain musician star interview with stick up boys part 1

Hello welcome to the first interview of blockchain musician star, where you will meet musicians inside Hive, especially from the rising star community @hive-195370 and musicforlife @hive-175836. This time we will meet @stickupboys a great musician, charismatic and funny. You must have seen one of his gifs, in the video you can learn about his musical career and his experience.

Curator: @eddiespino

Author: @rial.on17
Community: Threespeak

HIVE OPEN MIC WEEK #78 | “ALWAYS” - BON JOVI ( Cover by @rial.on17 )

My first content for Hive Open Mic, I would like to cover a Bon Jovi's song, called "Always".

I hope my performance makes you all intertained.

Curator: @sirenahippie

Author: @sumaiya777
Community: Natural Medicine

Garden Update: Green chillies garden/ Success of my garden.

Welcome to my garden. I hope everyone is well and having a nice day. Friends, today I will show you my green pepper garden. My garden has just picked the green peppers and the tree has a lot of flowers. With great care I have made this huge pepper garden of mine. I hope all of you will like this garden of mine and you will support me.

Curator: @glecerioberto

Author: @cvnuitter
Community: BEER

#BeerSaturday and Drone Flight | Budweiser 🍺 ENG| ESP

Hello beer lovers. This weekend was #BeerSaturday and Drone flights, the DJI Mini 2 we bought had a small accident, a crash against some trees that ended in a big fall where a strap of the camera was damaged and I had to order it on Amazon to change it, 15 days ago we ordered it and arrived in Venezuela last Thursday and this same weekend Juan Pablo came to fix the Dron he is a specialist in electro mechanics, a friend since childhood of @arrozymangophoto and we drank the most malted beer of all the Budweiser.

Curator: @glecerioberto

This concludes this batch's curation report. We would like to congratulate those who are featured and supported. Keep up the good work and continue to post videos on Threespeak.

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