Threespeak and OCD Manual Curation Collaboration: Compilation #130

Hello everyone!

This is a compilation post that highlights the collaboration of @threespeak and @ocd. Both projects aimed at manually curating original and quality content, so this partnership is the synergy that would be beneficial to both @threespeak and @ocd. But the content creators who upload their original and quality content on @threespeak would benefit the most from this because they will gain higher upvotes.

Take note that @threespeak videos can also be posted to their appropriate communities. For example, if you have an amazing travel video, you can upload it in Threespeak and post it in Haveyoubeenhere community at the same time.

How Manual Curation Works

There's a common channel in OCD where all Threespeak videos that are of quality are dropped by community leaders and curators. Those videos will be upvoted by OCD and then followed by Threespeak. Some posts are already upvoted by Threespeak through @eddiespino that will be dropped in the channel for OCD upvote. This will make quality videos have higher potential payouts because of the upvotes of the two projects.

A compilation post will be created for those upvoted posts to highlight both the author and the community where the post is located, the same way how Other Niche Communities curation works.

Here are the curated posts for this batch:

Curated Posts

Author: @michelledina
Community: THE WEEKEND

Jogging in the Weekend

How are you guys, this morning I went to the epicentrum Jakarta, Indonesia, I did a running sport, accompanied by questions.

there are quite a lot of people running, there are also cycling, there are also people taking pictures, there are also many other people's activities.

Curator: @anggreklestari

Author: @devyleona
Community: Threespeak

Oishii Niku Udon for Our Lunch!

Like you might know of you already read my previous article yesterday about travelling by MRT to blok m plaza, the reason because we missed the japanese udon there..

Curator: @anggreklestari

Author: @shaidon
Community: Threespeak

Chicken Bun Bowl at Pho Linh Vietnamese Restaurant

It had been a while since I'd been to the Pho Linh and they

had since redecorated the outside of the building with a brilliant
painting of Vietnam with all of the little provinces clearly marked.
It's a place I'd like to visit one day.

Curator: @anggreklestari

Author: @celticheartbeat
Community: Threespeak

Aint No Ash Will Burn -Walt Aldridge Cover - HIVE Open Mic 78

This is my song for week 78 of HIVE open mic.

I chose this song for the Lover (Amante) week because of the chorus...

Curator: @sirenahippie

Author: @emmilee
Community: Musicforlife 🎶

Tu mirada 💕// your gaze💕

Today I want to share with you what was part of an afternoon of improvisation. I take it as a very good exercise when composing songs, it allows us to feel and think. The most important thing is to let ourselves be carried away by our feelings and from there we can structure a good song.

Curator: @eddiespino

Author: @palimanali
Community: Musicforlife 🎶

Ukulele Boring ?(!)

Currently traveling the Pacific Mexican coastline in Ukewewe's Red Beetle from Chiapas to Sea of Cortez, where we'll jump on a Boat to float for a while.

Meanwhile we are mixing our first Ukewewe's Album: Seed Music. Funding it 100% on Hives.

Curator: @eddiespino

Author: @junebride
Community: Threespeak

BUJO: October 2021 | Simple Layout

It took a few more days before I could finish editing the complete video, I had been busy with taking care of the baby and more that I only was able to get this done today. Nonetheless, the process was easy and simple, very straightforward.

Curator: @anggreklestari

Author: @dodovietnam
Community: Foodies Bee Hive

Baked Pork with Lemongrass and Chili - A Happy Sunday with My Small Family

Usually my wife is the one who cooks for the whole family. But yesterday, Sunday, I decided to cook for my wife so that she could have a proper Sunday rest. And I made baked pork with lemongrass and chili. And we had a nice Sunday meal. Let's see how to do it. Hope you will also have a good time with your family.

Curator: @anggreklestari

Author: @eudadol
Community: Education

It's Quite a View: The Sea of Teaching

I look outside the window and I wait for it to end. My internet is lagging. My camera is frozen. I can’t seem to hear them. I guess this is the New Normal.

We have been used to these moments of blindness and limited visions. Sometimes, we find ourselves trapped in a cycle of waking, walking, showering, working, and sleeping. We reach a point where we feel alone, and we feel tired.

Curator: @glecerioberto

Author: @bigcarrillo
Community: Threespeak


A warm greeting to all the Community, welcome to the podcast not so podcast but wow ¡PEOR ES NADA! in our episode N°6 we have the pleasure of having the company of a beautiful woman with 9 years of experience in the field of psychology is also a teacher and soon a future lawyer.

Curator: @eddiespino

This concludes this batch's curation report. We would like to congratulate those who are featured and supported. Keep up the good work and continue to post videos on Threespeak.

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