Threespeak and OCD Manual Curation Collaboration: Compilation #125

Hello everyone!

This is a compilation post that highlights the collaboration of @threespeak and @ocd. Both projects aimed at manually curating original and quality content, so this partnership is the synergy that would be beneficial to both @threespeak and @ocd. But the content creators who upload their original and quality content on @threespeak would benefit the most from this because they will gain higher upvotes.

Take note that @threespeak videos can also be posted to their appropriate communities. For example, if you have an amazing travel video, you can upload it in Threespeak and post it in Haveyoubeenhere community at the same time.

How Manual Curation Works

There's a common channel in OCD where all Threespeak videos that are of quality are dropped by community leaders and curators. Those videos will be upvoted by OCD and then followed by Threespeak. Some posts are already upvoted by Threespeak through @eddiespino that will be dropped in the channel for OCD upvote. This will make quality videos have higher potential payouts because of the upvotes of the two projects.

A compilation post will be created for those upvoted posts to highlight both the author and the community where the post is located, the same way how Other Niche Communities curation works.

Here are the curated posts for this batch:

Curated Posts

Author: @helyorsini
Community: Music

Hive Open Mic Week 76 / Coplas / Cover by Hely Orsini

Coplas is a Venezuelan folkloric song. It was recorded by the great Venezuelan singer Lilia Vera in her 2nd LP in 1976.

This song was during one year in the first places of the national radio stations, it was a true phenomenon.
I think it was a combination of factors that made the song so popular, the beautiful and varied melody and its catchy rhythm, beautiful lyrics and a wonderful interpretation both musically and vocally.

Curator: @mipiano

Author: @anggreklestari
Community: Foodies Bee Hive

Fresh Young Coconuts From A Short Coconut Tree

The freshness and natural health benefits of the young coconut are a blessing from the infinite universe. After a long time, I didn't taste fresh young coconut straight from the tree, I finally had the opportunity to enjoy it again.

My coconut tree, which is a tall tree, has been cut down for fear it could fall on my house at that time. So I'm so excited when my cousin offered me a young coconut at her house.

Curator: @sirenahippie

Author: @devyswan1
Community: Foodies Bee Hive

Haw Purple rice yogurt by Yomie's

Today I went to one of the nearest mall. More precisely the mall where I work. I went there not for work, but to exchange shopping points for shopping vouchers. Luckily I got 2 Yomie's vouchers with the shopping points I had.

Curator: @anggreklestari

Author: @cahlen
Community: Threespeak

Harvesting Almonds

Did you know that Almonds are found at the center of the hard pit inside of a fruit similar to a peach?

Curator: @anggreklestari

Author: @afroadrianv
Community: Music


This time I come to show you a little of one of my favorite bands which is "Caribefunk" with one of his unreleased songs from his latest album "Energy to give away" all his lyrics speak of the universe, energy and worldview expressed through the senses, music for the soul to awaken the spirit to all who shelter their heads in poetry, I think this is the best recommendation.

Curator: @ylich

Author: @oscarcede
Community: Sound Music

"Talent Sound Music" - Mes de Septiembre - Categoria: voz - Canción: "Soplando el viento" / Song: "Blowing the wind" - Cover - Por: @oscarcede

A big hello to the #SoundMusic community, especially to the musicians who make life in the community. This time I am going to participate in this interesting project of "Talent Sound Music" - Month of September, this time he invites us to participate with songs from the 60s, 70s and 80s. My participation is with a song: "Blowing the wind" belonging to the successful Band of the years 60, "Los 007", this song was released in 1967. To make a A little bit of history about this musical group, the 007 was one of the most successful bands that emerged at that time in Venezuela, this group was formed in Caracas in 1965, began with a repertoire of rock music, with their own songs and other groups musicals, including songs by the The Beatles.

Curator: @sirenahippie

Author: @manclar.gaming
Community: Splinterlands

[Manclar Juega: Splinterlands] - Tacticas con Snipe y splinter de agua - Snipe tactics & water splinter

Today I used my favorite splinter which is the water one, using my serpent of elf tank in the first position, which is very good in this case due to its high speed index which gives me a better chance of dodging the attacks.

Curator: @eddiespino

Author: @andrewmusic
Community: Blockchain Gaming

Apertura de 2 paquetes en Risings Star + Raffle | by Andrewmusic

Good afternoon fellow hive, today, in the afternoon I want to share with you the opening of 2 packages of the Rising Star game.

For the post to have player participation, I am going to raffle two cards, the first is the 38 Stacey card with 25 fans for a winner, and the second winner will get the i3 Buster card, with 10 fans. (the 2 cards in the image); if I see a lot of participation from enough players, commenting then there will be a third card.

Curator: @eddiespino

Author: @d-rock
Community: Bee on the Stage


Hello friends of hive! In this new opportunity I bring you a very different dance to those I do because it is not so much my style, but I wanted to try it to see, this choreography belongs to a fantastic group of girls and excellent artists, unfortunately they had a very sad end as they were separated by difficulties with the company and the public, but that does not mean that each of the members did not have the talent and knew how to move on stage ... Life is full of challenges and knowing how to meet them is what makes us the person we are now, it was a little complicated the truth because they do a lot of hand movements and I'm not so familiar with that style, but it still shows me and I'm very scared to break barriers of my comfort to excel and know that I can with whatever comes, I hope that someday someone can see my love and talent for dancing so I can fulfill my dream of becoming a professional dancer, it will not be easy and there may be many stumbles but, no matter what I will never give up or look back because I know I can get to the top being me and being able to show people that I can do anything.

Curator: @elizabeths14

Author: @samgiset
Community: Threespeak

How do you support Hive's marketing? Video in Spanish and text in English

Hi Hivers friends, thanks for being on my channel once again. In today's video, I share with you some ideas in which we can support Hive marketing in a simple way, from our position as content creators.

Curator: @eddiespino

This concludes this batch's curation report. We would like to congratulate those who are featured and supported. Keep up the good work and continue to post videos on Threespeak.

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