Part -2 Loyalty with the customer process

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Relationship matter against loyalty
Making goodwill and loyalty is not related to giving good product and resealable price and services. Building loyalty means nurturing customer relations : making them feel that they are unique, knowing them to the point of being able to personalize communications (on the occasion of their birthday or the anniversary of their purchase), offering small gifts to reward a new purchase, recommendation or referral. Building loyalty is betting on the long term. Building loyalty means showing empathy and understanding your customers (not by being buddy-buddy but by taking comments into account and responding quickly to any criticisms).


Analysis and monitoring your reputation will result in good base.
Modern emailing tools, interactions on social networks, cross-media campaigns or even "call-to-action" on your site or blog allow you to measure more and more precisely the results of your marketing actions . It is a critical and essential step in your loyalty process. You will learn a life time lesson.

In addition, the first reflex of the customer being to get information on the internet or on social networks, you will have to set up an active watch and monitor what is said about you and your products in order to prevent negative comments from coming. tarnish your reputation.

Refine and adapt your actions
The needs and demand for the consumer habits always change according to their requirements.
Constant analysis of your actions will allow you to adapt your campaigns and promotions to better reach your target audience and personalize your commercial relationships in order to create a feeling of recognition and belonging among your customers.

By creating user profiles from the reviews of your products and services (think Amazon reviews) you will be able to refine your advice, your offers and the purchase recommendations that you will make to each customer.

In conclusion,
The loyalty of your customers cannot be bought with promotions or discounts. Loyalty is earned thanks to the unique and privileged relationship that you will succeed in establishing over time.

A loyal customer is a customer who redeems with pleasure, confidence and who is aware of his act.

A loyal customer is a customer who will redeem not out of confidence or pleasure but out of promotional opportunism or simply through inertia. In other words, a customer who will opt for a competing offer without hesitation at the first opportunity deemed interesting.

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