Rhythm of Compassion

Greetings Hivers and the entire blockchain community, Here's what I've been up to in the past several months. I have not been having much time for blogging, I have been very joyful and active, here are some highlights, I hope you enjoy.

Ase Ashe Drummer from the Heart, in San Julian park getting ready to share energy of the drum, in rhythm and vibrations from our hearts to our hands in your ears, music and celebration is the most effective tool for human balance connection and growth. We must use this to our advantage in all things we do. We sincerely like to thank everyone who helped in bringing this together. Big shoutout to Big brother Will for helping with the photography. I need a Hog to go riding with you! #drumhealing #spiritualhealth #love #skidrowconnected


I have heard somewhere that when you are doing a thing in life that brings you joy and happiness and then somehow this thing that you do tends to bring in revenue opportunities an expansion you are living a balanced and loving life. I enjoy West African drum rhythms the drum came in my life at a time I needed to hold onto something and I never let it go, and now I'm surrounded by beautiful and wonderful friends loving family, it fills my heart to bring my gift of compassion.

Thank you Iron Donato For writing this.

Ray Lewis & The Wondrous ASE ASHE Drummers
Are Overcoming Sorrows
By Drumming Rhythms For Better Tomorrows
Beating A #drumhealing
A Miraculous, Glorious, Feeling
At Gladys Park For #spiritualhealth
Happiness, Love, Light & Spiritual Wealth
October 16, Right Now At Noon
Come One, Come All, Come Swoon
With Ray, Me, Iron, LAPD & The UVP
Choir, As We Will Follow Ray, Today, For The
At 12:15, Yes, We’re Next, We’ll Be Singing 3
Hits, Walk With Me, Endangered Species, Smile
Then I’ll Be Singing My Original Song In Awhile
It’s To God: “One Step From Grace” Is It’s Title
12th Festival For All Skid Row Artist
In The Afternoon, 12 ~ 5:00 PM
Hope To See You Here, Then
We’ll Have More Art, Poetry
Songs, Music, Love, Happy
Laughter, Joy And Things
Spread Your Wings
And Come Sing
For There’s
Music Everywhere
Ray’s Drumming Beats
Begins The Event & Soars In The Heat
Come Join Us, Bring Your Tapping
Aching Feet To Be Healing Feet
Bring Your Clapping,Snapping
Hands & Fingers To Rap
You Will Be Happy
And… Happiness
Is The Only Key
To Joyously


Screenshot 10-09-21.png


2021 Community Resource Fair. Raymond Harold Lewis Industries sponsored a table with holistic healing techniques and modalities at this event. The community was somewhat reluctant to stop by our table until Delicia start playing the crystal bowls. This is when the community start moving towards our table with curiosity and gratitude. We had several groups of people stop by. I facilitated guided meditations and clearing the sacred meridians in the body. I introduced a beginner’s meditation that anyone can do by themselves. I also demonstrated Vibranz to members in the community and a few nurses who were there representing health clinics; they were amazed at their experiences with the meditation and the Vibranz Technology. One gentleman and a nurse in the group meditation both felt a positive reaction and experienced another level of consciousness. I saw her reaction how she observed the gentlemen after the guided meditation. He said everything around him looked brighter and he felt awakened and clear – that he really felt a conscious change. The nurse was amazed by this, and she was completely mind blown in the second part of the meditation using Vibranz Zero Point Technology. She was amazed how she felt and was fascinated by the healing the gentleman received. Another lady had a headache, and it went away. Based on my observation and experience at the Community Resources Fair, it is evident that there is a gap in the circulation of many resources across the playing field, a gap in financial support to enable access, a gap in self-knowledge, and the technological awareness and accessibility the people need to know about so they can have other choices to make better decisions for themselves.
Delicia Compassion Bowl playing was music to everyone's ears people started to come to see and talk.

Guided meditation.

Introducing Vibranz to the community. The Future is here! Zero Point technology for your home that instantly bring balance to your biofield. Transmuting incoherent EMF waves into coherent EMF waves. If you are interested in this technology visit the website and give me a call or in box me. https://getvibranz.com/RaymondLewis


I feel that it's very important to create spaces and hold spaces for holistic living, higher thought, and deeper meaning in life in areas that aren’t in the mainstream. I am looking forward to more engagements with the community with drumming, healing circles and building thriving communities for continued growth and health and wellness. Thank you for your time.

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