The presence of a being


15 years ago and several days since something strange has been happening at home, we have that feeling that they always observe us with a great weight, it rests on our lives when we turn around, sometimes it can be seen as if a person were running to the room to hurt us only in absent presence sometimes my children say that they see pale children leaning out of the windows I have not wanted to say what happened to me because they can be more scared and panic because but on one occasion I was awakened by a light that came through the window straight into my eyes so I went to draw the curtain when I approached I found a horrible wrinkled and parched face whose glassy red eyes moved from side to side looking with total delirium with a thirst for revenge which completely paralyzed me being a frenzied show . I had to see this horrible and disturbing face for a long time because my limbs refused to respond I wanted to scream
I could not look like a stake well driven into the ground my hands weigh tons I could not even move a single finger to draw the curtain or take a couple of steps back I was just standing there watching him look at me had his insane gaze fixed on my eyes, I can swear that he smiled with pleasure at causing me so much fear of that state of petrified, I quickly went to feel invertebrate, I could not hold my body up when a hand rested on my shoulder. if I had not listened to the voice of my wife and Having understood that she touched me, I can assure you that my existence ended there.
The following days I refused to have the light off I pretended to read until she fell asleep but in reality I was scared to death I didn't want to sleep every time I closed my eyes there was that ugly face every blink it got closer to my face I could feel his hands on me in the morning there was a foul smell in the room, traces of dust dirtied the sheets and my wrists had scratches. Until today this has only happened to me or perhaps others are also hiding it so as not to make things worse. Heavens I have to get my family out of here I hope it is not too late to rid ourselves of this evil and leave behind such horrible apparitions.

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