I'd like to be put in a pod ~

I attended a funeral this morning. Open casket. Not a Christian funeral service but an atheist one. There were many familiar faces. Its the beauty of having a small and tight circle. Every little detail of the service brought me back to when my friend's mother read a eulogy in a Christian church except this time there were no crosses hanging nor were there any judgemental eyes.

Death is so mysterious. The question of what happens after we leave our loved ones will always remain a mystery. Tonnes of philosophy, religious beliefs and even fictional tales attempt to decipher the mysteries of the afterlife. But none of them really have a complete picture. Guess we'll only find out when we kick the bucket.

I truly believe that death is the only guarantee we have. It is the only thing we are completely sure of. All that BS about living forever or transferring consciousness sounds like tales of a sleepy child to me. I definitely think that without death life would be nothing more than a sad, incomplete sonnet.

It, death, makes everything about life that much more precious. It makes me enjoy being alive that much more. Since I do not know what happens after I say goodbye to this world I am not betting at it being anything better than what I have now. Everything now is under my control. Everything beyond this life is not.


She wanted to be cremated and her ashes be sent to seven predetermined places where they'll be blown into the wind. A beautiful and filling metaphor of being free at last. I am proud of her and who she was.

I would never be able to muster up the courage to burden other people to take care of my needs after I'm gone. I am not sure if I could find enough people to do that either. All I know for now is that I want to be put back to where I came from - earth.

I want to give back. Plenty of services are available now where they put your body in a biopod which turns you into a fertilizer. I'll go with that. Plants will grow from the nutrients my body has hostage. Maybe a big tree. There'll be birds nesting on me, fruits growing from me, and children playing under my shade. I bet it'll be nice.

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