It’s a Human Thing

Hey there!

Having a hard time with the humans lately? I sure am.
I keep getting these nasty, petty, small minded people popping up in my life.
Some people, when faced with a person who is finding happiness and fulfilment from life, feel they have to stomp it out like a grass fire. It’s like other people’s happiness is something they have to extinguish so they can feel better about themselves, or so they can drag you back down to that low vibration way of living.

It’s been exceedingly difficult to interact with people, especially online where they often have no remorse, no basic manners or accountability. Sometimes it’s just a backhanded comment, other times it’s a flat out insult or insulting thing to say.


I’m a firm believer in the BLOCK feature online, and I suggest blocking people in real life too. Block them out because if they’re insulting you, they won’t suddenly grow up and learn to do better, they will burn you again and again if you let them. Maintain strong personal boundaries.

I say to these people, who disguise themselves as friends and family, that it’s time to stop focusing on others. If you have so much hate and anger inside you that it’s spilling out around people who don’t deserve it, you have a big problem. You need to deal with yourself. Perhaps your life is not what you expected? Perhaps you’re jealous of the people being happy because you’re so miserable. Perhaps they do things differently than you. It does not give you the right to try and bring them down.

Instead, look at what they’re doing to create their happiness. Try and notice the people you meet who are living a life you wish you had. Create aspects of that in your own life as long as it’s going to benefit you. Do the things you always wish you did, lose the weight, quit smoking, buy a home, get a pet, whatever your goals may be, they’re often more easily achieved than you think if you just focus on what you want, and the steps you’ll have to take to get it.

Make your life the way you wish it to be and stop being petty, trying to bring down others to your shitty level, and instead, RISE UP to theirs! You’ll feel so much better, your stress will decrease, you’ll feel lighter, happier and all the other things that make you jealous.

You can not control other people, only your reaction to them. I chose not to engage with any of these people. I won’t pretend like their rude words weren’t frustrating and hurtful, it stings even now. But, by not engaging I have at least let them know I will not be stooping down to that sort of nonsense.
Hopefully they had to do some serious self introspection.

You can have it all if you can recognize your behaviour and CHANGE for the better ❤️


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