Work Hard, PLAY HARDER ~ #treatyoself


It's been a little over 2 months since we crossed the imaginary line into what is known as Meh-He-Co. The past few weeks I've been hammering down trying to figure out a way to make our stay down here as permanent as possible. Basically, trying to create a business that would suffice our bills while also being something that I personally enjoy and love doing vs. a JOB. You know, those things people sit in traffic for hours, day and night, placating to people they hate to pay for things they don't need? Ya, that job.

The wife and I had our first date day scheduled for yesterday. We had a baby sitter lined up and the plan was happy hour cocktails and dinner at a 5 star restaurant.


As fate would have it, I had a business meeting earlier that afternoon about a prospective restaurant....and it went really well. Like, it's 99% gonna happen.

I still feel nervous and have doubts about throwing tens of thousands of dollars at this to see if it might work. But hey, what have I got to lose besides my life savings, right? And even then, as my great-grandma Dolly would say, "it's just money, not even pigs will eat it." Man, I miss that woman, she was one of a kind.

Any who, just thought I would share some pics form our night out. If all you do in life is slave away, what's the point? As my old man would say, "find a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life."

So we went to semi-celebrate the possibility of this new venture, and enjoy some quality semi-alone time from the kids. We still had our 9 month old with us, Spooner, but he passed out at the restaurant, lol.


Pumpkin Lobster Bisque


Filet Mignon w/ scalloped potatoes


Seared Ahi Tuna


Passed out baby in loving arms of momma

Thanks for keeping up with me here.

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