A Break from the World with Mama Dreemit

Aside from motorcycle rides and scenic hikes, I spend a great deal of time in the hustle and bustle of Ithaca delivering food (mainly to the entitled and opinionated students of Cornell University and Ithaca College, fun times!)

This makes my schedule a wee bit hectic, so every week my cute mama picks a day to meet me for lunch.


Generally I break for a couple hours so in addition to the meal we have a proper chat, but it has been a bit of an adjustment for mom who was used to spending a full day with me.

So on our appointed day this past week I decided to surprise her with a break from routine.


I picked up a couple subs and a six pack and when she pulled into our designated meeting spot I told her "Crank up your car radio and follow me!"


Twenty minutes and many turns later we pulled into my private camp in the Hector National forest, and as I lugged out fire starting material and handed her a brew and the excited sparkle in her eyes told me I made a good choice to ditch the grind for the rest of the day.


As she reminisced about camping days of yore, I realized this was the first time since my dad passed that she's been at a campfire in a woodsy environment.


The sheer delight on her face made me realize a few things... I'm not the only one dealing with a funk; doing something to help someone else out of one is an incredible feeling; and thinking of other little adventures for us seems a jolly good goal that will help us both :)

Have a similar experience to share? Would love to hear all about it in the comments!

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